Keeping an eye on quality with VÖGELE RoadScan

Making quality measurable is one of the big challenges facing contractors and clients worldwide. In road construction, it is particularly important to verify that a constant paving temperature has been maintained, as this is a key criterion for ensuring the quality and durability of roads. As a result, the significance of comprehensive temperature monitoring is currently on the rise in an increasing number of markets. With the non-contacting RoadScan temperature measurement system, VÖGELE provides an innovative and economical solution for the road construction sector.

The system helps paving teams monitor the temperature of the supplied mix continuously. On completion of the construction project, contractors also have detailed evidence that the work was carried out in the correct temperature range – thanks to recorded GPS data which include precise positioning information.

The heart of VÖGELE RoadScan is the high-precision infrared camera with 100% measurement coverage

It scans the whole of the asphalt pavement behind the screed. A highly accurate GPS receiver is also mounted in the housing for the infrared camera. This records the exact position of the temperature data. External parameters affecting paving are recorded in addition to position. A pyrometer mounted in front of the undercarriage measures the base temperature before paving. Along with asphalt temperature, a weather station can also document wind speed, wind direction, ambient temperature, air pressure and humidity.

The maximum measuring width of 10m is made up of 40 squares measuring 25 x 25cm. Each of these grid squares contains up to 16 individual measuring points from which a mean value is calculated. The measurable temperature range is between 0°C and 250°C, with a tolerance of just ±2°C.

The highlights
  • Comprehensive temperature measurement across the entire pave width up to 10m
  • Real-time display on the paver operator’s ErgoPlus 3 console to help the paving team produce a high-quality asphalt pavement
  • Simple mounting of the measuring unit with no need for any adjustment (plug & play)
  • Reliable technology thanks to a robust design with no moving parts
  • High-precision GPS receiver permanently integrated in RoadScan to record exact position data
  • Recording of influencing parameters such as base temperature before paving and weather data provides important data for analysis
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Intuitive operation is a trademark of VÖGELE and is also a feature of the RoadScan system.

This already becomes evident during installation. Before use, the measuring unit is simply mounted on the roof of VÖGELE "Dash 3" pavers and requires no further adjustments. It is ready for operation as soon as it is connected.

The system is conveniently activated from the paver operator's ErgoPlus 3 console. The paver operator can read currently-recorded temperatures off the colour display, clearly visualized by means of thermal imaging. The images are transmitted in real time.

Analysis and documentation

With the InLine Pave concept, VÖGELE offer a particularly innovative paving technique specially suited for “hot on hot” paving when building compact asphalt pavements. Yet conventional road construction jobs, too, can be carried out in high quality and very economically with the VÖGELE InLine Pave machine technology.

RoadScan saves the measured data in the paver operator's ErgoPlus 3 console. Following paving, this data can be read out via an external data storage device. VÖGELE has taken effective measures to protect this data via a specially designed memory stick which communicates with a VÖGELE interface on the paver operator's ErgoPlus 3 console; this in turn transfers the data in encrypted form. The data is then analysed at the office using the web-based WITOS Paving analysis tool.

InLine Pave places the binder course and surface course in a single pass, which not only yields a perfect bond between layers but also ensures strong interlocking of the layers. This is a fundamental requirement for the durability of roads.

Analysis using the “WITOS Paving Analysis” web application

This permits objective assessment of the construction project. Intelligible and clearly arranged graphs and charts allow the job site to be analysed on the basis of the recorded temperature data and allow measurements to be filtered in line with existing specifications.

If VÖGELE RoadScan is used in combination with the WITOS Paving Plus innovative process management solution, many additional analysis options are available.