Niveltronic Plus

VÖGELE Niveltronic Plus

VÖGELE Niveltronic Plus Automated Grade and Slope Control is a unique grade and slope control system providing the basis for efficient paving true to line and level on any kind of base. Niveltronic is an in-house development by VÖGELE and is based on many years’ experience in grade and slope control technology. In terms of ease of operation, quality and reliability, Niveltronic Plus represents the perfect solution for all grade and slope control tasks.

Particularly practical – Niveltronic Plus automatically detects every sensor connected, making set-up especially quick and easy for the user.

Perfect match between paver and automated grade and slope control guarantees top quality

Niveltronic Plus, the fully-integrated system, has the advantage that the paver’s machine technology perfectly matches the grade and slope control system. All wiring and connections are integrated in the tractor unit and screed, for instance, thus virtually eliminating any damage to these components.

Handling is easy to learn and very simple.

Typical VÖGELE: people are the focus. In the development of Niveltronic Plus, great importance was accordingly attached to ensuring simple, user-friendly handling. All the settings are made on the screed console where controls and keys are clearly arranged, allowing the screed operator to understand and safely control all major functions within a very short space of time.

Sensors for every application

It goes without saying that VÖGELE offers a particularly large and practical selection of sensors to allow versatile use of the Niveltronic Plus system. Regardless of whether the construction project is a car park, a roundabout or a major road, VÖGELE provides the right selection of sensors required for the application in question.

The advantages at a glance
  • Unique: Automated Grade and Slope Control System supplied directly by the paver manufacturer. Machine technology and the grade and slope control system are thus perfectly matched to ensure an equally perfect paving result.
  • Wiring and connections are integrated in the tractor unit and screed.
  • Wide and varied selection of sensors supports the flexible use of Niveltronic Plus in all fields of application
  • Automatic recognition of sensors connected for quick and easy set-up.
  • Particularly easy, user-friendly control and monitoring of all Niveltronic Plus functions.
  • Logical, self-explanatory and language-neutral symbols support quick learning of all functions.
  • Fully integrated in the paver‘s control system, Niveltronic Plus requires no extra training to operate it.
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