ErgoPlus 3 for PowerFeeders

ErgoPlus 3 operating concept

The ErgoPlus 3 operating concept makes people the focus. It makes the machine simple and intuitive to operate. At the same time, ErgoPlus 3 provides the feeder operator with a more ergonomic, safer workplace, giving him full control of the machine and the construction project at all times.

The operator's platform – greater convenience for the feeder operator
Safe, ergonomic working
  • Good all-round visibility
  • Plenty of stowage space
  • No edges to trip over
  • Weather protection on the sides for greater comfort during operation
  • Protection from wind and rain
  • Operator’s seat swivels and turns
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Operator’s console - full control for the feeder operator

The operator’s console is aimed specifically at the requirements of material feeder operators, designed to be as intuitive and convenient as possible with all functions clustered in logical groups. Clear function and status indicators, a high-contrast display and glare-free backlighting also facilitate operation for users.

Practical functions, clearly arranged
  • Functions in logical groups
  • Similar to the ErgoPlus 3 System for pavers
  • Touch and Work functions are executed directly without repeat confirmation
  • Automatic background lighting
  • Simple menu structure for the display
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Large, easy-to-read colour display
  • Optimized operating logic prevents faulty operation
  • Different process situations displayed
  • New symbol arrangement
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Precise joystick control

On the MT 3000-3(i) Offset, a joystick is used to control the pivoting conveyor. This allows the pivoting conveyor to be raised, lowered and rotated. Conveying speed and conveying mode – automatic or manual – can likewise be controlled using the joystick.

The joystick can be attached to both seat consoles as required.