AutoSet Plus

Automated processes for repositioning and conveying

AutoSet Plus facilitates repositioning. The material feeder can be put into repositioning or transport position at the touch of a button. Conveying programmes can furthermore be saved and called up again at any time. AutoSet Plus thus automates routine tasks, enabling operating processes to be completed more quickly and in a more controlled manner.

AutoSet Plus repositioning function

Operators can use the AutoSet Plus repositioning function to get the material feeder into transport, repositioning or operating position at the touch of a button. This is especially practical on job sites which require frequent repositioning. The repositioning function gets the deflectors in front of the crawler tracks, the pivoting conveyor boom, the receiving hopper and the hopper side into transport position. After repositioning, everything is returned to the previously-stored position.

The AutoSet Plus repositioning function enables the operator to reposition reliably and to be ready to go quickly.

AutoSet Plus conveying programs

The AutoSet Plus conveying programs function has predefined programs for low, medium and high conveying capacity. There is also a preinstalled program for feeding in the InLine Pave train. These programs accordingly cover a wide range of feed situations.

Individual paving programs can also be stored. Parameters such as conveyor and auger output, belt heating and distance from the paver are all saved in this process. In-house programs are simply and intuitively saved. Factory settings can be called back up at any point.

The advantages of AutoSet Plus
  • Reliable, simple repositioning of the material feeder
  • Material feeder is soon ready to go again
  • Machine can be put in transport, repositioning or operating position at the touch of a button
  • Predefined conveying programs facilitate the material feed process
  • Individual conveying programs can be compiled and called up at any time
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