Safety technology

Accessibility and safety

For high operating comfort

To guarantee trouble-free and simple operation and fast service, all machine components are particularly easily accessible.

The crushing plants are also ideally equipped with regard to safety. All cylinders related to functions and safety are equipped with safety valves (lowering/brake holding valves). Each cylinder stays in its current position in event of deactivation or failure to protect the operator and the machine.

Lock & Turn

Award-winning safety system

The "Lock & Turn” system provides the highest level of safety during rotor ledge change and releasing bridging. Special keys for service flaps and components guarantee that uncontrolled movements of dangerous components are not possible and the plant or crusher cannot be started when maintenance is being carried out.

A standard series rotating device also allows the rotor of the crusher to be turned and blocked manually in any position from the outside. This enables the simple and safe replacement of rotor ledges and removal of material bridging.

EUROTEST certification

Safety guaranteed for every application - certified by EUROTEST

The MOBICAT EVO line impresses with regard to safety. Tested and certified by EUROTEST as the first mobile crushing plant.

All machines today must display the CE mark to confirm compliance with requirements for guaranteeing health protection, safety and environmental protection.

But we go that extra mile and have had our MOBICAT EVO jaw crushers tested by EUROTEST. EUROTEST is a voluntary type examination that regularly inspects the conformity of plants and systems.

To guarantee the safety of the operating company in the long term, MOBICAT EVO jaw crushers have been tested and certified by EUROTEST. Testing determined that all crushing plants meet the strict requirements:

  • All necessary mechanical guard devices
  • All necessary hydraulic and electrical requirements
  • All necessary requirements for functional safety (safety functions)
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A CE marking on its own only represents a self-declaration by the machine manufacturer. With EUROTEST, the CE mark is not only on our MC EVOs but CE is also incorporated in them.