Drive technology

Innovative drive concept

Diesel-direct electric - impressive performance with the best possible consumption values

The crushers of the EVO line have an innovative "diesel-direct electric" drive concept and are powerful and economical at the same time.

MC 110(i) EVO2 and MCO 90(i) EVO2

The latest jaw and cone crushers from the EVO2 generation feature a patented power train. A gearbox makes low-maintenance and maintenance-friendly power transmission possible.

The robust gearbox is easily accessible and more resistant to dust. This reduces downtimes and increases reliability. Thanks to an output-dependent fan drive, additional noise emissions are reduced.

All secondary drives – for example, for prescreen, vibrating chutes and conveyor belts – are driven electrically.

MC 100(i) EVO, MR 110(i) EVO2 and MR 130(i) EVO2

Equipped with an efficient, powerful diesel engine with fluid coupling, the MOBICAT MC 100(i) EVO, MOBIREX MR 110(i) EVO2 and MOBIREX MR 130(i) EVO2 impress with extremely low efficiency losses: the direct crusher drive provides maximum power directly at the crusher.

The fluid coupling guarantees high operational safety – for operator and machine. Here, all secondary drives are also driven electrically.

Efficient drive concept

Diesel-electric drives for more power

Most KLEEMANN crushing and screening plants for the quarry are equipped with efficient, powerful diesel-electric drives. They ensure environmentally friendly operation combined with low fuel consumption.

They are optimally equipped for the tough demands in the daily routine in the quarry. They can also be fitted with another electrical connection to supply power to downstream machines such as a stacker or a screening plant.

Drive concept of MC 120 Z PRO - diesel-electric drive and external power supply
  • Efficient and powerful diesel-electric drive (A) for low fuel consumption (crusher and all conveyor belts are driven electrically)
  • External power supply (B) for even more economic and environmentally friendly use in quarries. In this manner, plants can be driven purely electrically independently of the diesel fuel – which reduces energy costs and exhaust emissions
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Economical, safe and resource-conserving.

Diesel-electric and diesel-direct electric drives have advantages over hydraulic drives not only with regard to lower fuel consumption.

The machines also require significantly less hydraulic oil, which has a positive effect on the costs of oil changes and which conserves resources. In case of leaks, the risk of contamination and environmental pollution is also lower.

Furthermore, electrical components are significantly less susceptible to wear than hydraulic components – a further positive effect that results in longer service lives and lower running costs!

Equipped for all conditions.

Crushing plants are operated all over the world and often in difficult ambient conditions.

In very cold regions, for example, engine oil and fuel must be preheated prior to start-up, whereas in very hot areas, a higher cooling capacity is required. To meet such challenges, KLEEMANN offers corresponding heat and cold packages for all crushing plants.