Recycling technology

Recycling technology

The mixing of recycled asphalt is a high priority when it comes to conserving natural resources. This is just one of many important reasons for the re-use of asphalt – national legislation, the reduction of emissions and increased cost efficiency are also key arguments for utilising the green technology from BENNINGHOVEN.

In industrial nations like Germany, many more miles of roads are being refurbished than built new. This also means that millions of tons of asphalt are being removed. For a long time, this presented road building companies with quite a challenge.

The recycling technologies from BENNINGHOVEN turn the reclaimed asphalt – consisting of stones in different grain sizes and bitumen as a binding agent – into "black gold". In many countries, almost all asphalt mixer trucks on their way to a construction site consequently carry at least a partial load of recycled asphalt. This is also illustrated by the following number: Of 40 million tons of recycling asphalt per year, 12 million tons are now used in road construction – in Germany alone. Reclaimed asphalt is becoming increasingly popular as resource worldwide as well. To meet this development, BENNINGHOVEN has developed the hot and cold recycling systems ready for market launch. The main advantage of the technologies is that they combine sustainability and efficiency in a profitable manner.

Cold recycling

With the BENNINGHOVEN cold recycling feed systems, up to 40% recycling material can be added to the mixing plant.

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Hot recycling

The use of BENNINGHOVEN hot recycling feed systems pays off in particular for large quantities and high recycling feed ratios from 70% to over 90% + x.

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BENNINGHOVEN technologies

Asphalt production, recycling systems, combustion technology, control systems and bitumen technology – with BENNINGHOVEN technologies, every customer can find the right solution for their location, according to the specific requirements and conditions.

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