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New family members and the expansion of sales and service — The 1990s

With its product divisions road milling machines, cold and hot recyclers and soil stabilizers, slipform pavers and surface miners, WIRTGEN was already a major international manufacturer of construction machinery by the mid-1990s.

It had long been the plan of founder Reinhard Wirtgen to develop the company into a full-range supplier of mobile machines for road construction and rehabilitation. After taking over the management of the company in 1997, his sons Jürgen Wirtgen and Stefan Wirtgen transformed this vision into reality.

To this end, they successively merged their company with the renowned manufacturers Joseph VÖGELE AG and HAMM AG to form the WIRTGEN GROUP. The formation of the Group brought a decisive competitive edge, as there had so far only been a handful of full-line suppliers of mobile road construction machines worldwide.

Back in the 1980s, WIRTGEN had invested in the expansion of its sales and service network in order to best meet the rising requirements worldwide. These efforts were redoubled with the merger that formed the WIRTGEN GROUP. Subsidiaries were set up on every continent while the dealer network continued to grow. Meanwhile, the comprehensive service – so greatly appreciated by customers – was also expanded to include many new service options. With subsidiaries located around the globe, WIRTGEN was able to provide even speedier on-site assistance. The combination of customized machine solutions and genuine proximity to the customer opened up new markets to WIRTGEN all around the world.

  • WIRTGEN, VÖGELE and HAMM merge to form the WIRTGEN GROUP, greatly extending the range of mobile road construction and rehabilitation machines
  • Expansion of the three German brand headquarters and the international sales and service network
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