Road construction with SUPER 800 Mini Class paver

SUPER 800 Mini Class paver adds a dash of colour

Special colourless bitumen, colour pigments and a selected mineral aggregate – these are the ingredients for a unique kind of road surface: coloured asphalt. Along with the special material, a tried-and-tested road paver was also used on section #4 of the West No. 1 Road job site: a SUPER 800 from VÖGELE. This Mini Class paver truly excels on jobs involving the construction and repair of farm tracks, minor roads, footpaths and cycle paths.

When also used to pave coloured asphalt, the modern tracked paver showcases its skills as a landscape architect: apart from its striking appearance, with many different shades to choose from, coloured asphalt also offers key advantages over the coloured coatings which are sometimes employed – for instance, instead of becoming slippery, it retains its grip even when wet, thus enhancing safety.

High-end material that is easy to handle

Since contracts involving coloured asphalt are relatively few and far between, many contractors are naturally wary of processing the material. Of course a number of details must be kept in mind when producing the asphalt, particularly concerning the careful selection and coordination of the materials, but once on the job site the process itself is conventional: mix lorries deliver the material right into the material hopper of the SUPER 800.

The large material hopper with separately folding sides is designed so that the machine can always be supplied with paving material in the best, most cost-effective way. This allows material to be fed even if the feed vehicle is unable to dock centrally in front of the machine, such as when paving along walls, for instance.

High product quality ensured an impressive pavement quality: even the VÖGELE Mini Class pavers achieved perfect evenness. Final compaction was performed by a HAMM HD CompactLine HD 10C VV tandem roller with two vibrating roller drums.

Clean machines and precisely planned logistics are key

There is a very important difference when paving coloured asphalt, however: the asphalt mixing plant, the feed lorry and of course the construction machinery used must be cleaned thoroughly beforehand so that the coloured asphalt is not contaminated. “We won this contract in a bidding process. The fact that our company produces, delivers and paves the asphalt itself meant that we were able to prepare the entire supply chain perfectly for the red material,” said Li Limin. “Aside from the fact that it cools a little quicker than conventional mixes, it behaves normally,” Li added. To ensure that the material always arrived on the job site quickly, Shandong Hongyu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. made sure it had enough lorries from its fleet in operation at all times.

Leading technology from VÖGELE delivers quality

Conditions on the West No. 1 Road job site corresponded to the typical applications of the SUPER 800: paving was performed using the standard AB 220 TV Extending Screed developed for this paver at a width of 2.85m.

Just as one would expect of VÖGELE equipment, even the Mini Class pavers are configured to deliver this excellent performance. The maximum pave width of the AB 220 TV Extending Screed with bolt-on extensions is an impressive 3.5m and – as the TV suffix indicates – even the smallest VÖGELE screed compacts the asphalt by tamper (T). Compaction by vibrators (V) is also possible to improve the surface where necessary. This creates the ideal conditions for delivering high quality even when building small roads and paths.

Highlights of the VÖGELE Mini Class SUPER 800 paver
  • Laydown rate up to 300t/h
  • Clearance width only 1.4m
  • The ideal option for highly confined sites thanks to its compact dimensions
  • Wide range of pave widths from 0.5–3.5m
  • Simple operation with the innovative and easy-to-grasp ErgoBasic operating concept
  • High precompaction with the AB 220 TV Extending Screed (tamper and vibrators)
  • Several feed options with the asymmetrical material hopper
  • Positive tracking and precise steering due to traction drives in closed loops
  • Powerful and cost-efficient thanks to the 54kW diesel engine and ECO mode
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