Safety and ergonomics play a major role at KLEEMANN

The operation of large machines is often associated with an increased danger potential. This also applies to crushing and screening plants, where large pieces of rock are crushed to small grains by immense forces. This is why personal protection is the highest priority at KLEEMANN. However, safety must not impede the operator but must be integrated unnoticeably in the work process. As the complexity of modern plants increases, parallel to this the KLEEMANN development team ensures that operation and maintenance remain as simple as possible – and without long-drawn-out instructions.

Intuitive machine control system

The control system is the interface between human and machine. The entire PRO line and the MOBIREX MR 130 Z EVO2 impact crusher can be comfortably operated via the intuitive SPECTIVE control concept . The 12" touch panel simplifies work as all functions are visible at a glance and clear symbols point the way. The user interface is not affected by dust, is splash-proof and can be easily read in difficult lighting conditions. Simple menu guidance guarantees that only the information which is currently required is displayed on each page. This concept makes it possible to use the crushing plant properly in a simple manner and fully utilise its functions.

SPECTIVE control concept

The intuitive 12" touch panel simplifies work at the machine. All functions are visible at a glance, clear symbols point the way.

High operating convenience

In everyday operation, however, not only a simple control system is important but also easy access to the machine. Thanks to the well-thought-out machinery design, all areas relevant to service are easily accessible. For example, it is possible to refuel the MOBICONE MCO 11 PRO cone crusher comfortably from the ground and the prescreen coverings for the MOBIREX MR 110 and 130 Z EVO2 impact crushers can be easily changed via an extra platform. Other service work on the machine can also be completed quickly and comfortably thanks to the good accessibility.

Award-winning safety system "Lock & Turn"

When changing the rotor ledges at the mobile impact crusher or loosening blockages, the "Lock & Turn" system certified by EUROTEST guarantees maximum safety. Special keys are used here in combination with the machine control system that only permit work in danger areas when they are locked. Only then can the operator open service flaps or move and exchange components. If the user wants to work on another area, the keys must be removed, which automatically blocks the area worked on previously. A real highlight in this system with regard to safety and convenience is the rotating device of the rotor. It allows the rotor of the crusher to be turned and blocked manually via a gear unit in any position from the outside. The exchange of rotor ledges and the elimination of bridging can be carried out even more safely.

Lock & Turn safety system

The award-winning "Lock & Turn" system provides the highest level of safety during rotor ledge change and when releasing bridging.

Low-noise work close to the machine

The new option package for noise reduction ensures comfortable and safe work close to the impact crusher. At the side, noise protection flaps are mounted at engine height, which deflect the sound upwards. These flaps are folded in for transporting the plant and therefore have no influence on the transport width. The bottom of the power pack is also sealed off from noise. The volume perceived by the user is thus reduced by six decibels. A reduction of three decibels has the effect of halving the amount of noise perceived by the human ear. This not only allows noise-reduced work for operators in a significantly smaller radius around the machine, but also protects the environment and makes the use of the plants in urban areas possible. For this solution, KLEEMANN received the Baden-Württemberg Environmental Technology Award in 2019.

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