Small machine, big achievement

The HD 30 VV is one of 6 models in the HD CompactLine series launched on the Chinese market in 2018. These rollers, manufactured in the WIRTGEN GROUP’s local production facility in Langfang, have been tailored in every detail to meet the needs of Chinese customers and users. One of the new machines works in Jiangsu Province, where a 1.5km local road was rehabilitated in just two days in November 2018.

Road rehabilitation in natural surroundings

Moling Sub-district is located at the centre of Nanjing Municipal, the main residential area of Jiangning District, in attractive natural surroundings. One of the local country roads was damaged and was impeding daily traffic for the local residents. On top of this, the damaged road was marring the beautiful surroundings. So, the local government decided to allocate funds for road rehabilitation.

High demands on quality

On inspecting the site, the contractor for the project, Nanjing Tongli Construction Group Co., Ltd. (known as “Tongli Construction”), identified two challenges of this project. One crucial aspect was the working speed, as this road is the only way for local residents to travel to and from their homes. The road consequently had to be rehabilitated in the shortest possible time. Another challenge was the confined space and the fact that the 1.5km road section was very winding and the houses were built close to the road. Achieving a good compaction result across the entire width of the pavement including the road edges was crucial to the quality of the rehabilitation work.

Strong focus on the needs of the user

The 3-point articulated structure ensures excellent directional stability and turning stability. The wasp waist gives the operator a clear view of the drum edge and the machine’s immediate surroundings.

HAMM HD CompactLine is the machine of choice

In the past, Tongli Construction used auxiliary equipment such as vibratory plates to compact asphalt on small job sites like this. But the results are difficult to control when compacting with vibratory plates, and this can affect the service life of the road after rehabilitation. Furthermore, this type of compaction is time consuming, making it an uneconomical method with labour costs on the rise. Tongli Construction therefore decided to buy a tandem roller for effective, high-grade and economical compaction. After researching their options, the company selected the HAMM HD 30 VV with a maximum operating weight of 3.2t and a 1m drum width, convinced by its superior compaction power compared with other models in the same class.

High degree of flexibility is ideal for tight spaces

HAMM rollers are not only known for their compaction power, but also for their intelligent design. The agile orange HD 30 VV also hit the mark with its wasp waist, which offers perfect visibility to operators. They can see the drum edges and have a good overview of the job site as well as the areas to the front, rear and either side of the machine. Meanwhile, the ergonomic operator’s platform with its modern display allows the operator to control the machine easily. Even on the narrowest section of the road, which measured just 4m across, the operator compacted the surface efficiently at a speed of 0.18km/h. It took less than five hours for the operator to complete the compaction of a 1km section of road.

Top-quality compaction performance

The HD 30 VV’s 3-point articulation ensures a uniform weight distribution between the front and the rear drum. Thanks to the articulation, the roller has a very small turning circle. The large drum diameters (720mm), greater than those of comparable models in the same weight class, are another quality feature. They help to prevent the formation of cracks and bulges, ensuring a high compaction quality. Moreover, the roller has a high static linear load and generates high centrifugal forces.

Easy to manoeuvre

Another key feature of the HD 30 VV is that the drums can be offset by up to 50mm relative to one another. This makes for simple, hitch-free operation and enables the machines to be manoeuvred easily and precisely in any situation, even when compacting along walls and kerbs. As a result, the HD 30 VV achieves perfect compaction results. This feature made the machine especially suitable for compacting the small city road close to houses and other buildings.

Great driving comfort

All rollers of the HD CompactLine also offer great operating comfort. In addition, the HD 30 VV’s articulated joint and low centre of gravity ensure stability in turns and prevent the machine from tipping, even on inclined bends. On the job site, Gao Jian, the HD 30 VV operator, controlled the roller with ease and concluded: “The HAMM compact roller is easy to use, and it is perfectly suited to the compaction of rural and residential roads.”

Wide range of applications for optimum utilization rate

Tongli Construction, the Nanjing-based owner of this HAMM roller, has a Grade 1 licence for general contracting in municipal engineering and a Grade 2 licence for general contracting in highway engineering, among other things. The company’s areas of business include asphaltic concrete paving, municipal infrastructure construction, building construction, road construction and landscaping. For Tongli Construction, this HAMM compact roller is versatile in a wide range of applications, since it is not only suitable for small job sites such as the one on the Moling country road, but also as a supplementary roller on large-scale road construction projects, where the very compact machine works together with bigger rollers.

Highly efficient and cost-effective

Apart from the Zutang country road rehabilitation project, it has worked on a series of other road construction and municipal construction projects, for instance in Annan Town and on its surrounding roads in Jiangxi and on the Longpan Main Road upgrade and Nanjing Triumph Tunnel Road projects, among others. Being a highly versatile machine, the new HD 30 VV has already racked up more than 550 working hours in the first six months since its delivery. The HD 30 VV has proven to be the right choice, delivering a high return on the original investment with its high productivity, excellent compaction performance and the labour cost savings it offers.

The HAMM compact roller is easy to use and it is perfectly suited to the compaction of rural and residential roads.

Gao Jian, Roller Operator (Nanjing Tongli Construction Group Co., Ltd.)

HD 30 VV - Highlights:
  • Articulated tandem roller with two vibrating drums
  • Large drum diameters
  • Compact dimensions
  • Excellent view of the drum edges, the machine and the job site surroundings
  • Simple, intuitive and language-neutral operation
  • Intelligent water sprinkling system
  • Ergonomic operator’s platform
  • Easy transport, simple loading
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