Sustainable product innovations of the WIRTGEN GROUP

Wirtgen road milling machine removing asphalt on a B-road

Our focus – sustainable product development

Machine efficiency is a decisive factor when it comes to enabling our customers to work sustainably and enjoy business success. This is why we are constantly improving our existing products and developing new technical solutions. Achieving efficient and sustainable solutions is a top priority right from the start of the development and design phase of all WIRTGEN GROUP products and technologies. The spectrum ranges from digital assistance systems that optimise or speed up processes to retrofit solutions for existing machines and plants and alternative drive train technologies. In addition to this, we develop new drive concepts and enable the use of alternative fuels to ensure that our customers are able to maximise sustainability in the realisation of their projects.

MILL ASSIST – the digital machine operator

In automatic mode, the MILL ASSIST digital assistance system for large and compact milling machines from WIRTGEN always dynamically selects the ideal balance between milling performance and fuel consumption. In ECO mode, for instance, the focus is on cost optimisation. MILL ASSIST makes life easier for operators, improves machine performance, and reduces CO₂ emissions, water usage, and pick wear.

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‘Dash 5’ - optimised sustainability

With the new ‘Dash 5’ paver generation, VÖGELE has further enhanced efficiency, sustainability, user-friendliness, and process automation. During paving, the improved VÖGELE EcoPlus emission-reduction package saves fuel, cuts CO₂ emissions by up to 25%, and renders the new pavers particularly quiet.

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Renewable fuels

Fuels produced from non-fossil resources like HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) enable an effective, and above all immediate, reduction of emissions by up to 90%. The majority of the WIRTGEN GROUP machines can already be run sustainably on HVO.

HVO-compatible machines
E-Power for local zero emissions

Electrically-powered machines satisfy the increasing demand for local zero emissions on construction sites. Battery-electric drive systems are the ideal choice for mobile applications in urban settings, while stationary machines with high drive classifications can be powered by electricity from a local power grid.

Electrically-powered construction equipment from the Wirtgen Group
High-quality recycling of demolition rubble.

A particularly high recycling rate of materials from demolition sites can be achieved only when the recycled materials are processed and separated into fractions with the quality and purity required for specific purposes – as delivered by KLEEMANN crushing and screening plants.

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Doubly sustainable: asphalt recycling

Today, the BENNINGHOVEN plants used in asphalt production make it possible to recycle up to 100% of used asphalt pavement material. At the same time, the various processing technologies provide significant potential for the reduction of harmful emissions. Many of these technologies are also available as Retrofit solutions.

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CO₂-neutral fuels

Fuels from non-fossil sources significantly reduce emission loads and are permanently available. With the new EVO JET burners, BENNINGHOVEN offers the flexibility of being able to use alternative fuels from renewable sources, ranging from wood dust to liquefied biomass (BtL). Now’s the time to invest in sustainable technologies.

Fuels of the future
Digitalisation as a sustainable pacesetter

Digital assistance systems and telematics solutions are increasing the efficiency and profitability of road construction and simultaneously enabling the further reduction of harmful emissions. With the John Deere Operations Center TM, we are taking the next step on the way to realising the full potentials of connectivity on the construction site.

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