35 years of oscillation

More than 35 years ago, HAMM developed oscillation and thereby revolutionised compaction technology. Today, HAMM offers more than 35 machine types with oscillation drums in all weight classes.

Asphalt construction companies all over the world love using this intelligent technology for asphalt construction and earthworks. In this way, HAMM is responding to the growing demands on high-quality compaction for the most diverse surfaces and building materials. Find out more in the new video celebrating the anniversary of oscillation at HAMM!

Anniversary video
Oscillation by HAMM

Dynamic compaction systems enable significant increases in compaction power when working with both asphalt and earth. These systems include the oscillation system developed by HAMM that achieves compaction results that are scientifically proven to be more homogeneous and higher-quality.

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Diverse applications

For more than 35 years, HAMM has included oscillation rollers in its product range and with over 35 models, it offers by far and away the widest diversity in the world. They enjoy growing popularity on account of their ability to achieve efficient, high-quality compaction at every construction phase.

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