H 7i VIO compactor – powerful in small, confined construction sites

The super-compact compactors in the H CompactLine series are equipped with a high-performance compaction system and a modern, powerful travel drive with wheel motors. This not only allows for efficient compaction – inclines of up to 60% are also no problem.

The compactors, which perform extremely well off-road thanks to the three-point articulation, are ideal for construction sites where space is limited thanks to their small size and great visibility. They are therefore preferred for new builds, extensions or for the maintenance of roads and paths, for the development of new properties, in gardening and landscaping, and in trench construction. In the version with the VIO drum, compaction with oscillation is also possible.

Compacting a frost protection layer in Titisee-Neustadt

Manoeuvrability is an advantage

Bombardier Tiefbau GmbH had the contract to create approx. 1000 m² of outdoor facilities for a business in the Southern German town of Titisee-Neustadt. For this, the team used an H 7i VIO to compact a frost protection layer into two or three layers, each with a thickness of 25 cm. The simple transport of the machine, the great manoeuvrability and the high compaction power impressed the Bombardier team right away. They had particularly positive praise for the fact that the rollers can work in oscillation mode. This guarantees the high-quality compaction without the risk of decomposition due to water being drawn in – a clear quality advantage when compared to simple vibration compaction.

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"This compact compactor really compacts very well. We tested various machines and can now see that, with the H 7i VIO from Hamm, we are achieving better compaction than with other machines in this class."

Michael Ücker, machine operator at Bombardier Tiefbau GmbH

Dam construction along the banks of the Rhine

Compaction in a sensitive environment

Confined spaces and compaction in a sensitive environment – challenging work but, for the H 7i VIO, this is nothing unusual. The compact Hamm compactor prepares the substrate for widening the busy main road in Leubsdorf am Rhein and, in doing so, confidently plays to its strengths. Since the street is sandwiched between the Rhine and one of the most important and busiest railway lines in Germany, the small, agile machine was the perfect choice for Günter Alsdorf GmbH & Co. KG, the construction company carrying out the work.

In the first step, the ground on the dam between the carriageway and bank of the Rhine was cleared away to a depth of 1.50 m; then, the coarse, mixed-soil ground (GU, GE and GI) was expertly structured into multiple layers, each with a thickness of 25 cm. Machine operator Philipp Zeiler was immediately impressed by the newly acquired, extremely short and compact compactor which, thanks to the sloping crossbeam and rear vehicle, offers outstanding visibility. Furthermore, the drive via wheel motors creates great ground clearance, and the short wheelbase, combined with the three-point articulation, results in a small turning circle. In short – The best prerequisites for use on the banks of the Rhine.

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"The H 7i VIO is extremely easy to handle and operates perfectly. It may be small, but you have a lot of space."

Philipp Zeiler, machine operator, Günter Alsdorf GmbH & Co. KG

Low-vibration compaction using oscillation

When constructing the dam right beside a street and railway line, the VIO compactor mostly worked in oscillation mode. The advantages of this? The compaction takes place with minimal vibrations, the water is prevented from being drawn in (particularly in the case of loose material), and it can create particularly flat surfaces. As with all VIO rollers from Hamm, it is extremely easy to switch from vibration mode to oscillation mode: All it takes is a touch of a button from the driver's platform, even while driving. The construction team in Leubsdorf was full of praise – also because Hamm's rollers have a much more pleasant noise level when compared to other, similar models.

"I usually use oscillation to compact loose material and therefore prevent moisture from being drawn in. I also used oscillation when I wanted a particularly flat surface."

Philipp Zeiler, machine operator, Günter Alsdorf GmbH & Co. KG

The most important data always at a glance with WITOS Fleet View

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The professional telematics solution for maintaining a convenient overview of consumption data, working hours, position data, error messages and service intervals significantly simplifies the scheduling and planning processes, and contributes to the long-term value preservation of the machines.

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