Smart Doc

With Smart Doc, HAMM is going down new digital paths

Practical app for compaction documentation and self-monitoring

Smart Doc is "self-monitoring for everyone". The new app from HAMM AGdocuments the compaction process in earthworks in real-time on the smartphone and allows the roller driver to easily prepare a report on the compaction. At the same time, the app supports new colleagues: Thanks to the live visualisation of the compaction process, even inexperienced drivers can always keep an eye on all relevant parameters and they can achieve optimal results.

Developed with building practitioners

Smart Doc was developed in close coordination with building practitioners and is of particular interest for customers who only occasionally handle earthwork sites or who, due to inexperience, also require assistance when putting compaction into practice.

With real-time visualisation of the compaction data and the option to generate and show a compaction report at any time, Smart Doc fulfils the basic requirements for a continuous compaction control system.

HAMM therefore offers an economical alternative to complex continuous compaction control systems for achieving high-quality compaction at earthwork sites with the required basic continuous compaction control in a way that can be verified.

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Available for H series and H CompactLine series

In order to be able to use the app, the compactors must be equipped with the HAMM Compaction Meter, which many customers are already using anyway. In addition, there is a Bluetooth® interface, which is available as an option for the corresponding models. The compactors in the H CompactLine series should also be equipped with a speedometer and a vibration frequency display.

Benefits and functions of Smart Doc

  • Cost-effective: Option for self-monitoring the compaction process in earthworks
  • Increased quality: High-quality compaction with fewer passes
  • Minimum requirements for the continuous compaction control: For the continuous compaction control
  • Learning effect: Valuable instrument for inexperienced roller drivers
  • Bluetooth® interface: Simple connection via Bluetooth® Low Energy
  • Project creation: With inspection lots and individual compaction lanes
  • Live mode: Visualisation of the increase in compaction
  • Report creation: Generating and sending a compaction report
  • Optional: Automatic start and/or stop of the recording when the vibration is switched on or off
  • Optional: Automatic creation of the next lane and display of a map in the compaction report

Energy-saving data transfer

As soon as the app connects the mobile phone with the CAN bus of the roller via Bluetooth®, the most important compaction parameters (speed, frequency, amplitude and compaction value), among others, are transmitted to the app.

Consequently, the Bluetooth® Low Energy standard ensures extremely energy-efficient data transfer. Should the battery of the mobile phone nevertheless be drained, it can be charged via the 12 V socket or the optional USB charging port on the driver's platform.

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Smart Doc – simple operation

Just like the HAMM compactors themselves, the app is also very easy to operate. Once the project data has been entered, the recording can be started and stopped automatically when switching the vibration or oscillation on or off.

In addition, every pass and every new lane can be individually documented and automatically saved. Once work has finished, the data export is triggered by a tap of the finger. During compaction with vibration or oscillation, the driver can follow the current status live on the smartphone. This representation is highly appropriate for training new personnel, as inexperienced operators can compare their perception with the actual compaction result with Smart Doc.

"Thanks to the live display on the smartphone, high-quality compaction can also be achieved by young roller operators. So they become more experienced in a fun way."

Dr Axel Mühlhausen, Product Manager Digital Solutions at HAMM AG

Recording the data

Smart Doc records data as soon as vibration or oscillation is used during compaction. In order to do so, the load-bearing capacity of the ground is determined by means of an acceleration sensor on the drum during dynamic compaction.

The HMV (= HAMM Measurement Value) is used as a measured variable for compaction – a measure of the load-bearing capacity of the substrate during compaction.

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The result

The result delivered by the app is a compaction report in PDF format. This shows the essential data about the project and contract section, the technical data of the compactor (weight, drum width and static linear load), the various compaction parameters and the number of passes per compaction lane.

The report also contains a graphic that illustrates in which places and how intensively compaction has already taken place.

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Would you like to find out more about Smart Doc?

We present an overview of all of the key functions of the app to you in the video.

You can use this QR code to download the free Smart Doc app from HAMM.

Download the Smart Doc app

The app is free and can be installed via the Google Play Store on all Android smartphones and tablets from Android 6.0. The app is available in German and English, Spanish and French.

You can find more information about Smart Doc here.