Environmentally Friendly Production

In Harmony with Nature

All of the WIRTGEN GROUP’s products are developed and manufactured in an energy-efficient manner. Environmentally friendly technologies and coordinated production processes ensure that operations are efficient and conserve resources in all of the WIRTGEN GROUP’s factories.

HAMM Uses Geothermal Energy

In Tirschenreuth, HAMM AG uses near-surface geothermal energy to heat and cool its office building. For this purpose, the company installed 48 geothermal probes under the employee parking lot that together generate a total of 600,000 kWh of heating energy – equivalent to around 60,000 liters of oil – from renewable sources. And on hot summer days, the heat pump turns into a cooling unit that extracts heat from the building and “pumps” it back into the ground. This allows the company to “generate” another 200,000 kWh of additional cooling energy every year. Compared to conventional compression chillers, this reduces CO₂ emissions by up to 70%. The downhole heat exchangers are a component of the comprehensive environmental management system for which HAMM was certified with an eco-label according to ISO 14001 at the end of November 2020.

Reduced Noise Pollution

Noise and acoustic protection in the industrial and commercial sector is becoming increasingly important. Noise protection measures are particularly necessary in mixed-use zones where residential space borders on industrial and business areas. Erecting noise barriers can significantly reduce the noise pollution in the surrounding environment. At KLEEMANN GmbH in Göppingen, the test areas at the end of the paced assembly line were enclosed with state-of-the-art acoustic barriers. This succeeded in significantly reducing the noise level in the rest of the assembly hall during machine testing – a considerable improvement for both the work situation inside the assembly hall and the adjacent neighborhood.

Solvent-Free Powder Coating

All WIRTGEN GROUP factories use the PiP (powder-in-powder) process for powder coating. This not only streamlines processes and cuts costs, but is also better for the environment. Two powder applications and one curing process also means less time in the oven – resulting in lower gas and oil consumption. In addition, the excess powder is collected in special filters via suction systems in the powder coating booth and can therefore be reused in an environmentally friendly manner.

State-of-the-Art Lighting Concepts

The production halls at the WIRTGEN GROUP’s factories are equipped with generously sized, no-glare skylights spread out across the roof area. During the dark season, on rainy days, and at night, this natural source does not provide enough light to keep the production areas sufficiently well lit. This means that artificial light is necessary to provide ideal and, above all, safe working conditions around the clock. In this context, the WIRTGEN GROUP’s factories rely on state-of-the-art lighting concepts and control systems that are adapted to external conditions to ensure that the lighting situation inside the building is perfect. In the office buildings, the lights – in the corridors, in the copying rooms, and in the storage rooms, for example – only turn on when someone has actually entered the room. And the lights turn off again automatically when not in use.