Digital Solutions in Road Construction

A Jobsite showing Wirtgen Group Machines at work as a Production System

Digital Transformation with Production System Solutions

The labor-intensive construction sector is affected by a global shortage of skilled workforce like few other industries. At the same time, this is being accompanied by far-reaching requirements for quality, documentation, and sustainability. With the existing resources, it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet deadlines, ensure the quality of work and at the same time guarantee continuous analysis of the results. WIRTGEN GROUP addresses this issue by not just being an expert in road construction, but also in building bridges – to a connected world that ensures the greatest possible efficiency in the use of resources through digital transformation of our customers production systems. By speaking of production systems , we understand the paradigm shift from machine-centric approaches to a holistic view on projects by including all machines or machine combinations – as well as digital solutions – involved in the execution of jobsites.

A Soil Stabilization Jobsite with working Wirtgen Group and John Deere Machines

To achieve this goal, we strive to be a technology leader not only in the field of machine construction, but also in the adaptation of digital applications that ensure our customers can use their machines with maximum efficiency. With solutions such as WPT Recycling, WPT Spreading or WPT Milling – the WIRTGEN GROUP Performance Trackers, or Smart Compaction for HAMM rollers, there are already many well-established products on the market that offer users significant added value.

We are always evaluating how we can make solutions for different areas of application even better – for all stakeholders on a jobsite: from machine operators to dispatchers and workshop managers, from site managers to managing directors and their customers.

It is our firm belief that Digital Transformation is a major driver to:

  • maximize your machine’s uptime
  • allocate resources the most efficient way
  • complete projects on schedule
  • ensure the quality of results
  • analyze and document processes easily
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“Process performance, sustainability and the ability to get the job done with the available people will decide whether our customers succeed in their competitive environment or not. The suite of digital solutions that WIRTGEN GROUP offers in the fields of Jobsite Intelligence, Smart Automation and Connected Support assists our customers in this quest. And this is just the beginning, the journey we take with our customers will continue way beyond this. Together we are building the road to a smarter, safer and more sustainable future.”

Martin Buschmann, Director Digitalization and Production Systems, Wirtgen Group

Our Three Pillars of Digital Transformation

A holistic view of a jobsite offers the greatest potential for optimization and is therefore the most important lever for increasing productivity and efficiency. By interconnecting all machines, systems and processes involved in an entire construction process, digitalization unlocks its whole potential. With our solutions in Connected Support, Jobsite Intelligence, and Smart Automation, we are by your side on every step of the way.

We are focusing on three pillars in which the digital transformation is driven and how we are working together with our customers and partners on the path to a digital and therewith more efficient roadbuilding industry.

A Technician is using the Wirtgen Expert Assist glasses and working on a Machine


Wirtgen Group Machines are working on a road rehabilitation project. A virtual cloud is showing the digital connection between the machines.


A finger is pushing the ECO button on a controll console of a Wirtgen Milling Machine.


Our network of sales and service companies provides a highly competent on-site presence that is always ready with customer-oriented solutions.

The John Deere Operations Center™ – the Nucleus for Equipment and Jobsite Management in Road Construction

A Soil Stabilization Jobsite with working Wirtgen Group and John Deere Equipment. A virtual cloud is showing the digital connection between the machines.

The John Deere Operations Center™ is the central and user-friendly platform to manage your whole fleet and all jobsites in one place. It is designed to streamline the management of road construction jobsites, machinery, and processes.

Both as desktop application and as mobile app it offers the possibility of a holistic view of construction projects with real-time monitoring of the machines used. The Operations Center brings you more transparency and therefore more efficiency and productivity. As main hub for current and future developments, the Operations Center supports you in order to:

  • get information about your machine’s location and condition – anytime and in realtime
  • monitor jobsite progress continuously and predict material consumption
  • have a state-of-the-art and open system that prepares you for future developments

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