Smart Compaction

The area of road construction and earthworks is undergoing a period of transition, and the topics of resource conservation, digitalisation and documentation, but also the increasing skills shortage, are being discussed on a global scale. It is already becoming increasingly difficult for construction companies to recruit qualified personnel for construction machinery, in particular for rollers. At the same time, the requirements for compaction quality, measurement and documentation are increasing. It is also clear that, soon, "digital natives" will operate the machines in modern road construction. From all of these requirements and framework conditions, HAMM has developed various solutions for intelligent and simple compaction in the Smart Compaction product range. The focus here is on digital interfaces between the driver and the machine.

Smart Doc

With the free Smart Doc Android appHAMM offers a modern tool for continuous compaction measurement and documentation in asphalt construction and earthworks. Before starting the compaction, the driver can create a project as a construction section with information about layers and material. The app then records the most important compaction parameters during the compaction and combines these with the position data that was determined via the smartphone or via the smart receiver (option). The number of double passes, the current working speed, the HMV compaction value, the proportion of jump operation, frequency, amplitude and the asphalt temperature are recorded and visualised. In earthworks, the driver can also visualise the change to the compaction values from the start of the compaction. Target values, such as those for the rigidity to be achieved or the passes to be completed, can also be specified. The driver also has the option to create and manage separate layers. After completing the compaction, a GPS-based compaction report is generated and sent. The app is available for the machines in the H CompactLine series, HC CompactLine series, H series, HC series, HD+ series, DV+ series and HX series.

The benefits of Smart Doc at a glance
  • Cost-effective option for self-monitoring and documenting the compaction process in asphalt construction and earthworks
  • Simple connection via Bluetooth® Low Energy
  • Simple and precise GPS display
  • Compliance with the minimum requirements for continuous compaction control
  • Smart Doc as a valuable instrument for inexperienced roller drivers (learning effect)
  • High-quality compaction with fewer passes
  • The app is free
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Smart Compact (HX series)

Smart Compact is a digital compaction assistant that was developed by HAMM and which actively supports the driver. After selecting the asphalt layer to be compacted (base, binder or asphalt surface course), the required compaction energy is determined in the form of big or small amplitude, oscillation or statically, and is automatically regulated in both drums. Physical material data, such as the asphalt temperature or the rigidity value, serves as the basis for this. However, the complex cooling behaviour of the asphalt is also of vital importance. This behaviour is, on the one hand, influenced by foreseeable factors, such as the thickness of the layer or the respective mixed material, but also by unforeseeable disturbance variables, such as the air and ground temperature or the wind. Smart Compact takes these local environmental conditions and the accompanying compaction windows into consideration for the automatic regulation of both drums. This increases the process reliability and minimises the risk of surface damage. When the compaction is reaching the end, Smart Compact automatically detects that the dynamic compaction must be withdrawn. At this point, Smart Compact switches to ECO mode, reduces the engine speed by up to 20% and saves up to 15% fuel. Smart Compact therefore not only makes a decisive contribution to the compaction quality, but also to the conservation of the machine and resources. Smart Compact is available for the tandem rollers in the HX series.

Smart Compact
The benefits of Smart Compact at a glance:
  • Homogeneous compaction
  • No excessive compaction
  • Reduced surface damage
  • Increased user safety = increased quality
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions and diesel consumption thanks to the reduction in double passes
  • A more comfortable experience for the driver
  • Support for inexperienced drivers (little previous knowledge required, intuitive operation)
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Easy operation

After selecting the layer that is to be compacted, Smart Compact automatically regulates both drums and adapts the compaction energy in accordance with the physical material data and the cooling behaviour of the asphalt.

Support for the driver

Smart Compact actively supports the driver when selecting the correct compaction energy. In this example, the machine compacts at the front with vibration and at the rear with oscillation. The driver can concentrate on steering the machine.

ECO mode included

Towards the end of the compaction, Smart Compact cancels the compaction, dynamic and automatically switches to ECO mode at a reduced engine speed. Now only static compaction is carried out.

Display and on-board computer at the same time

The display offers numerous additional practical functions, including the display of fill levels, operating hours and weather data, such as humidity, wind strength, wind direction and air pressure. Furthermore, the display can be individually adapted to the user's requirements (brightness, language, day/night mode).

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