WIRTGEN GROUP Financing solutions

First-rate financing

Are you interested in leasing or financing your construction machine or system? The WIRTGEN GROUP offers easy-to-understand financing solutions tailored specifically to you and your needs.

‘We offer our customers around the world attractive financing terms and maximum planning security.’

Matthias Bahr, Head of Wirtgen Group Global Financial Solutions

Outstanding terms & conditions worldwide

The benefit for customers is obvious. They can conveniently purchase WIRTGEN GROUP machines and systems, financing, insurance and warranties as a complete package from a single source. This allows construction companies to fully concentrate on their core business rather than having to go through lengthy lending processes or wrestle with contract documents that often only lawyers can understand. Our experienced financing experts will handle this for you and are happy to advise you with no obligation.

Lease a construction machine – remain flexible

Do you want to expand your fleet of construction machines while at the same time maintaining your liquidity? If so, leasing can give you the flexibility you need to invest in the latest WIRTGEN GROUP technologies.

Main benefits of leasing

  • The latest technologies in your fleet of construction machines will increase the efficiency of your work and help cut costs
  • Predictable thanks to a fixed term and interest rate
  • Precise cost planning
  • Lease payments fully deductible on the income statement
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Our experienced leasing experts will be happy to advise you with no obligation.

Hire a construction machine – keep costs under control

When you hire a machine, you take on minimal obligations, enjoy lower payments and are not obligated to purchase the machine.

As a hirer, you acquire a temporary right to use the machine. At the end of the hire period, you simply return the machine in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions. You can deduct the payments as operating expenses from your taxable profit.

Main benefits of hiring

  • You always have the technologies in your fleet of machines due to short hire periods
  • Maintain your liquidity thanks to attractive rental rates
  • Predictable thanks to a fixed rental period and interest rate
  • Hire instalments are deductible as operating expenses
  • Does not tie up equity – does not affect your credit rating
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Also ask about our hire offers.

System partnership with Deutsche Leasing

The WIRTGEN GROUP and Deutsche Leasing have been partners for almost 20 years. This partnership gives customers access to the right financing solutions for their premium machines – which creates flexibility and security at the same time.

‘With the right financing strategy, the WIRTGEN GROUP’s customers can optimise their cash flow and always enjoy the benefits of the latest machine technology.’

Matthias Bahr, Head of Wirtgen Group Global Financial Solutions

As a long-term partner of the WIRTGEN GROUP, Deutsche Leasing is well aware of the challenges facing the industry and the strong competitive pressure in the field of road and mineral technologies. Deutsche Leasing offers WIRTGEN GROUP customers individual solutions for their special financing needs – fast, simple and with no red tape.

John Deere Financial

The WIRTGEN GROUP is a wholly-owned subsidiary of John Deere. As a result, it goes without saying that WIRTGEN GROUP customers can also benefit from the excellent terms and conditions offered by John Deere Financial.

More about John Deere Financial
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