European debut for Continuous Mobile Asphalt Plant iNOVA 2000 from Ciber

At Bauma, and for the first time in Europe, Ciber is presenting the iNOVA 2000, an asphalt mixing plant for the global market. This model has the highest production capacity in the iNOVA line, which was first launched in 2017. With its technologies that offer logistical benefits, low production costs and a low environmental impact, the iNOVA 2000 is a leading product in countries such as Australia and New Zealand, as well as being a market leader in Latin America and Africa.

With a production capacity of up to 200 t/h, the plant is designed with just two mobile units, resulting in low transport and installation costs. With the help of moisture sensors, the individual weighing system for the different aggregates used ensures materials are dosed accurately in a continuous flow. The counterflow dryer for aggregates features automatic speed variation and thereby provides an optimal heat exchange between aggregates and combustion gases, minimising fuel consumption.

The robust filtration system ensures the lowest environmental impact during production. To provide maximum mix quality, the mixer is external to the equipment, with high shear, a dry initial stage (without the binder) and automatic control of the mixing time, as per project requirements. The plant’s operation is fully automatic, ensuring high production confidence. The fault diagnosis system and highly durable wear elements increase equipment uptime.


For full integration and total plant management, the AutoSmart package generates instant communication between the dosing, drying, filtering and mixing systems such that it can anticipate the action to be taken by these systems, resulting in a process that can automatically be adjusted to optimum production conditions. This feature offers many benefits, including less dependence on operator expertise, and automates processes – which are manual and susceptible to errors, such as the measurement of moisture in aggregates – before and during production.

Fuel efficiency

The dryer drum used exclusively for aggregates, the Ciber Total Air burner, the exhaust system that adapts to demands and the exclusive smart drying system allow for low fuel consumption. The air burner electronically facilitates a perfect relationship between air and fuel, optimising the combustion system and increasing thermal efficiency.

Exhaust system adapts to demands

The gas suction speed varies automatically in line with actual production demands, providing a perfect thermal balance in the system. The dryer’s rotation speed also varies automatically, ensuring the perfect thermal exchange between the aggregates and the plant’s thermal system, regardless of the characteristics of the aggregates, which significantly reduces fuel consumption.

High performance with special mixtures

The external Pug Mill mixer with a dry homogenisation step between the aggregates and additives and the automatic control of mixing time result in a state-of-the-art continuous flow mixer. This provides the robustness and flexibility needed to produce any type of asphalt mix, ensuring the highest quality.

Optimised maintenance

The digital fault diagnosis system constantly monitors all the plant’s motors, using online information to ensure the equipment is operating optimally. The wear components, especially mixer paddles and bag filters, are highly durable owing to the process and material characteristics. The result is high equipment availability.

Ease of operation

The plant’s production is fully automatic, with a touch screen for entering production data and adjusting the flow. The operator cabin is air-conditioned with ergonomic and intuitive production controls, facilitating the operator’s work.

About Ciber

With a modern factory located in the city of Porto Alegre, Brazil, Ciber Equipamentos Rodoviários, founded in 1958, was a pioneer in the development of continuous mobile asphalt plants. Ciber has been part of the Wirtgen Group since 1996. For markets that use both continuous and batch processing, Ciber complements the asphalt mixing plant portfolio as the Wirtgen Group’s sixth product brand. Depending on their particular needs, Wirtgen Group customers can choose batch production asphalt mixing plants from Benninghoven or continuous production plants from Ciber, relying on sustainable solutions from the technological leaders in their fields.

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iNOVA 2000

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