History concrete paving

WIRTGEN is setting important milestones

The history of WIRTGEN’s slipform paver division is impressive proof that it is possible to take up an existing technology and to successfully develop it to perfection with innovative spirit and creativity. Following the integration of a business that enjoyed an excellent repu tation in the industry, WIRTGEN is now setting many ground-breaking milestones, one after the other, which are all contributing signifi cantly to the renewed success of the entire technology. Our many pioneering innovations include, for example, a high degree of process automation, the development of machinery for offset paving and dual-layer concrete paving applications.

In 1989, WIRTGEN became actively involved in the technology by acquiring Belgian slipform paver manufacturer SGME and their technologies. Slipform pavers from WIRTGEN have meanwhile gained an excellent reputation in the market and are the prime choice for perfect concrete paving.