PaveDock Assistant

Straightforward communication between material feeder operators and truck drivers

PaveDock Assistant enables material feeder operators and truck drivers to communicate unambiguously without hooting or hand signals. This makes it particularly quick and safe to dock, tip and drive away trucks. Signal lights on the roof of the material feeder and the associated controls on the feeder operator’s ErgoPlus 3 console are key components of the system.

Feeding in an InLine Pave train

For use in a VÖGELE InLine Pave train, it is also possible for the signal lights to indicate whether binder or surface course material is required. With IP mode activated, then depending on the distance selected, a red symbol is displayed for surface course material or a green one for binder course material. The mix display is overridden by actuating the truck signals.

  • Clear communication between truck drivers and paver operators
  • Safe and efficient transfer of material without losses
  • Operation and symbols as on Dash 3 road pavers
  • Integrated InLine Pave signal lights for binder and surface course mix
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