Milestones in the 2000s

System for non-contacting grade and slope control and navigation for road pavers
Navitronic, the three-dimensional system for grade and slope control and navigation for road pavers, is ready for market launch in 2000. It uses a digital total station to control grade and slope, as well as to position the pavement to be laid. Width and both longitudinal and transverse slope of the screed are controlled without contact and with maximum precision. Since steering and screed width are controlled separately, planners' specifications as regards positioning and dimensioning of the carriageway pavement can be implemented precisely, even in adverse circumstances. All new-generation VÖGELE pavers are made ready to be equipped with the Navitronic system.

SUPER 1203 | Highly versatile


The "Dash 1" family – economical and user-friendly
The arrival of the "Dash 1" generation is heralded by the SUPER 1600-1, SUPER 1603-1, SUPER 1800-1 and SUPER 1803-1 models. This "family concept" prioritizes customer orientation, training, maintenance and ease of servicing, as well as greater cost-efficiency, something guaranteed by the identical concept for paver operation and by the standardization of numerous wearing parts. Models of the "Dash 1" generation can also be supplied with material more quickly and more safely. They spread more mix in less time and with greater precision, achieve a better pavement quality and can advance rapidly on difficult terrain. To top it all, they also help save energy and protect the environment.

Five tools for unrivalled user-friendliness
VÖGELE’s high-tech V-TRONIC innovation focuses primarily on user-friendliness. This is assured by five tools: Engine Management (EM), Engine Load Control (ELC), Traction Management (TM), Generator Management (GM) and the so-called TUSC tool, which allows the control desk on the paver to communicate with the screed operators' remote controls on the outside of the screed. A computer-aided function indicator clearly shows all the vital paver settings and data relevant to paving on a display.

MT 1000-1 – uninterrupted paving
The new high-performance MT 1000-1 material feeder from VÖGELE can be found wherever a high, uninterrupted laydown rate is required. The level of mix in the paver's material hopper is monitored by a sonic sensor which switches off the material feeder if there is any risk of overfilling. The distance between paver and material feeder is controlled by state-of-the-art sensor technology. Additional safety is assured by an anti-collision system.

The first models of the "Dash 1" family
The centrepiece of the SUPER 1600-1 and SUPER 1603-1 pavers is a 4-cylinder Perkins diesel engine with an output of 96 kW at 2,000 rpm. Speed remains constant even under changing load conditions. Material hopper, conveyors and augers are dimensioned to ensure that 600 tonnes of mix per hour can be paved. A fixed-width screed or an extending screed is available for either paver. The SUPER 1800-1 and SUPER 1803-1 models can pave up to 700 tonnes of material per hour at a maximum pave width of 8 m (SUPER 1803-1) or 9 m (SUPER 1800-1) and layer thicknesses of up to 30 cm.

SUPER 1800-1 and SUPER 1803-1 | Motorway job sites


Compact size – extensive range of applications
With their track width of just 1.1 m and a clearance width of 1.2 m, the two new SUPER 600 and SUPER 800 compact pavers easily fit through narrow gates or entrances. Just 4.35 m long, they can be loaded onto a twin-axle trailer for transport. Successfully combining a large variety of applications, sophisticated technology and comprehensive standard equipment which meets practical needs, these small pavers are truly exceptional. They are unbeatable whenever cost-efficiency, economy and high performance are called for.

The two compact pavers use a version of the tried-and-tested Niveltronic system perfectly tailored to their size.


New paver family sets new standards
VÖGELE presents a brand new SUPER generation at Bauma 2007: the "Dash 2" family of pavers. With these pavers, VÖGELE sets new standards in terms of eco-friendliness, handling, paving quality and reliability. All pavers are equipped with the innovative ErgoPlus operating concept, making intuitive operation significantly easier. This intrinsically ergonomic, ecological and economical overall concept is rewarded with the iF Product Design Award for the SUPER 1900-2 and SUPER 2100-2 pavers.

VÖGELE introduces a new compact equipment class with the SUPER 1100-2, SUPER 1103-2, SUPER 1300-2 and SUPER 1303-2 models. The most striking feature of these "Dash 2" pavers is their design – not a single component protrudes beyond the streamlined silhouette – and their extremely powerful drive system. The tracked SUPER 1300-2's maximum pave width of 4.5 m is unique in this paver class.

ErgoPlus makes humans the focus
The ErgoPlus concept encompasses not only the operator's platform, the paver operator's console and the screed console, but also the new Niveltronic Plus System for Automated Grade and Slope Control. The console is clearly arranged and operated according to the "Touch and Work" principle. All elements are exceedingly functional. Many functions can be monitored directly on the display of the paver operator's console without requiring connection of external instruments. Once Niveltronic Plus is activated, its start screen is displayed on the screed console by default. Perfect all-round visibility is assured and xenon headlamps on the paver's hardtop illuminate the entire job site in darkness. Operating a paver has never been easier.

Innovative control system
VÖGELE presents a genuine innovation at Bauma 2007 with Navitronic Plus, its new 3D machine control system. The system features an "open interface", permitting connection of 3D positioning systems such as laser-based total stations or GPS systems supplied by numerous well-known manufacturers. One economic advantage of Navitronic Plus is that the 3D positioning systems which may already be available for use with customers' other machines can also be combined with VÖGELE road pavers.

SUPER 1800-2 with SprayJet Module – the modern spray paver
The SUPER 1800-2 with additional SprayJet module from VÖGELE is an ultramodern spray paver which can be used to spray bitumen emulsion and pave the asphalt surface course in a single pass. This is ideal for paving especially thin wearing courses without any issues. The SprayJet module essentially comprises a large heated emulsion tank holding up to 2,000 litres and five precision-controlled spray bars which are positioned at the front, sides and rear of the crawler tracks on the SUPER 1800-2 with SprayJet Module. The spray rate is accurately metered electronically.

Enhanced high-compaction technology
VÖGELE further enhances high-compaction technology with the development of its InLine Pave machine technology. Even without rollers, compaction values of over 98% are achieved in this way. The AB 600-2 Extending Screed in the TP2 Plus version is specially developed to this end. Tamper stroke options are modified in comparison to the normal TP2 screed. The necessary power is delivered by two pressure bars in the rear part of the new VÖGELE extending screed. The pressure for the pressure bars can be varied between 40 and 120 bar.


Four new models for the "Dash 2" generation
VÖGELE implements the "Dash 2" concept in four more pavers. The new SUPER 1603-2 and SUPER 1803-2 wheeled pavers and the SUPER 1600-2 and SUPER 1800-2 tracked models have been enhanced in several respects. The paver operator has an outstanding all-round view, all the relevant maintenance points are readily accessible and innovative air routing ensures optimum cooling, even at high ambient temperatures. All four pavers are equipped with ErgoPlus and a powerful modern Perkins diesel engine. They comply with European emission standard 3a and US standard EPA Tier 3. Little noise is generated when working in the economical ECO mode, with fuel consumption and wear also reduced.


VISION – the range for North America and Australia
VÖGELE specifically designed the tracked VISION 5200-2 and the wheeled VISION 5203-2 pavers – both of them 10-foot machines – to meet the requirements of the North American and Australian markets. They are primarily used for motorways and other major construction projects. VISION 5100-2 and VISION 5103-2 are two machines in the 8-foot class and ideal for building smaller roads and town squares. Like all pavers of the "Dash 2" generation, these four machines are also equipped with the ErgoPlus operating system.

InLine Pave – "hot to hot"
InLine Pave from VÖGELE is a new paving method in which three machines work one behind the other "in a line". Binder and surface courses of different mixes are placed "hot to hot" in a single pass. The layers are perfectly bonded by strong interlocking, an essential prerequisite to assure the road's durability. The method guarantees maximum cost-efficiency by saving time and material. Rollers are not needed to compact the binder course. Paving can continue even at low ambient temperatures, as the heat in the asphalt package is retained for longer during the paving process. In just two-and-a-half years, some 1,500,000 m² of road throughout Europe are paved using VÖGELE's impressive InLine Pave Technology.


Construction of the new factory starts
On 6th March 2009, VÖGELE lays the foundation stone of its new factory in Ludwigshafen-Rheingönheim, Germany.