Milestones 1950 to 1970

High-frequency compaction for concrete roads
VÖGELE launches a new high-frequency vibratory concrete paver. Like its predecessor, this machine with four-wheel drive comprises a strike-off beam, a high-frequency vibratory compactor and a finishing unit. What is new is its modular principle. With its high-frequency vibratory compactor based on the Schieferstein system and crawler tracks with cornering ability and differential gearbox, the paver features cutting-edge technology. It can now handle any road width from 3 to 7.5 m.


New asphalt paver with shorter material transfer
The KL 50 all-purpose asphalt paver is ideal for paving bituminous materials of every kind, as well as for placing coarse or fine crushed stone and other dry aggregate. It is the first to have a material hopper as well as conveyors to transport the material to the auger tunnel. The mix needs to cover only a short distance between the material hopper and the smoothing unit. This ensures that the mix is still hot when it is laid.


Floating screed – the basis of modern asphalt paving
VÖGELE develops the SUPER 100 asphalt paver with floating screed and electric screed heating. With an adjustable pave width of 2.5 to 4 m, the paver can form bituminous pavements between 1 and 20 cm thick. The floating screed lays the foundations for today's asphalt paving technology. By 1962, VÖGELE have sold 304 of their SUPER 100 pavers all over the world.


Travelling on motorways with "Junior" and "Senior" concrete paving trains
Paving "white" material – i.e. concrete road construction – continues to dominate until well into the 1960s. VÖGELE's proven team of "Junior" and "Senior" concrete paving trains is very often encountered on motorways, where it refurbishes the surface course and paves the hard shoulder. All workflows are effortlessly controlled by a single machine operator. The machine's user-friendly manœuvrability and flexibility ensure an astoundingly high daily laydown rate.

VÖGELE Junior and VÖGELE Senior | Paving a concrete hard shoulder on a motorway


Modern mixing technology
VÖGELE launches its first compulsory mixers. Both mixer models 500 Z and 1000 Z are designed for jobs of different sizes. Either model can be operated as a stationary mixer or, with a propulsion unit, as a mobile mixer.


First asphalt paver with diesel-hydraulic drive
The SUPER 100 H supersedes the SUPER 100. With a total weight of just 9.5 tonnes, this paver runs on crawler tracks. Its simple mechanical design, hydraulic operation of the enlarged material hopper's sides and infinitely variable tamper speed of up to 1,800 rpm set new standards. Irregularities are levelled out automatically by high-precision grade and slope control.

In 1966, the SUPER 100 H is given larger crawler tracks and its compacting effort is further increased as a result of higher performance by the hydraulic system and higher tamper speed. These improvements result in outstanding and hitherto unknown Marshall test compaction values of 90%.

SUPER 200, SUPER 204, SUPER 100 H | Various job sites


SUPER 204 – a new wheeled prototype
VÖGELE presents its prototype of the SUPER 204 at Bauma 1965 in Munich. The advantages of this wheeled asphalt paver are obvious: higher operating and transport speed, as well as a general operating authorization certificate for public roads. It goes into production with new and sturdier grade and slope control, compacting unit and a diesel engine rated at either 66 or 75 hp, and its high performance and quality meet the construction industry's expectations in full. A tracked version is simultaneously launched as the SUPER 200. With its precise directional stability and drift-free cornering, this model stands out from the crowd.

SUPER 204 | Building a new runway at Munich’s Riem airport


SUPER 80 and SUPER 82 – small, manœuvrable, flexible
The new SUPER 80 and SUPER 82 asphalt pavers fill a gap in VÖGELE product range. These pavers are equipped with grade and slope control and a compaction system without tamper. Their transport width of 2.5 m is within the standard range of vehicle dimensions approved everywhere. They can be transported without special effort.

SUPER 150 – the new workhorse
Superseding the SUPER 100 H, the SUPER 150 is an outstanding product with its refined control elements, a revised step-down transmission and revamped operator interface with hydraulic applications on the upper platform. VÖGELE completely redesigns grade and slope control and the compacting system with tamper and vibrators for this paver: tamper stroke as well as tamper and vibrator drives are now controlled independently of one another by means of three hydraulic circuits. The SUPER 150 handles pave widths from 2.5 to 4.5 m and a layer thickness of up to 30 cm. With a maximum laydown rate of 150 t/h, it paves distances of 500 - 700 metres per day.


Automation improves surface accuracy
With VÖGELE's System for Automated Grade and Slope Control, the set elevation of the screed is maintained by tracking a reference with the aid of hydraulically operated wedges. In the past, evenness of the pavement depended on the operators' experience and skill, but the Automatic Grade and Slope Control system now controls surface accuracy more quickly, more accurately and largely independently of the operator.