VÖGELE InLine Pave

VÖGELE InLine Pave – the economical paving method for compact asphalt pavements

With the InLine Pave concept, VÖGELE offers a particularly innovative paving technique specially suited for “hot on hot” paving when building compact asphalt pavements. Yet conventional road construction jobs, too, can be carried out in high quality and very economically the VÖGELE InLine Pave machine technology.

InLine Pave places the binder course and surface course in a single pass, which not only yields a perfect bond between layers but also ensures strong interlocking of the layers. This is a fundamental requirement for the durability of roads.

The advantages of InLine Pave technology

InLine Pave is based on the use of series produced machinery that undergoes just slight modification for “hot on hot” paving. For contractors, this means that every single machine in the InLine Pave train can also be used for conventional road construction jobs at any time. This substantially increases the productive utilization of the contractor’s machine pool and enhances the return on investment.

The advantages of VÖGELE technology are much in evidence, even when transporting the machines. As InLine Pave only uses machinery which is very close in design to series produced VÖGELE pavers, its size and weight are dimensioned so that transport is mere routine.

Machine Technology

InLine Pave means that the process of paving takes place by machinery working in a line, one immediately after the other. All machines feature a very compact design. The InLine Pave train comprises three machines. An MT 3000-2i Offset material feeder, a SUPER 2100-3i IP paver for placing binder course and a SUPER 1800-3i paver for placing surface course.

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The method of “hot on hot“ paving:

The two-layer construction of asphalt pavements by “hot on hot“ paving constitutes a particularly efficient method of building long-lasting roads. When using this method, binder and surface courses of hot rolled asphalt are laid “hot on hot“. This offers a number of advantages.

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Wide range of applications

The InLine Pave machinery covers a wide range of road construction jobs. Whether rehabilitation of existing pavements or construction of new ones, VÖGELE InLine Pave always offers innovative and highly cost-efficient machine technology for building long-lasting roads.

InLine Pave is capable of handling pave widths from 3m to 8.5m. This allows for pavement rehabilitation or new construction of cross-town links, rural roads, highways and even motorways to be carried out to the highest standards of quality, within the shortest period of time and at low costs.