Fine milling

New grip for old roads

Many countries are investing less money in maintaining their road network despite increasing traffic loads. The result is a growing demand for fast and economically efficient solutions that are capable of taking the edge off hazardous stretches of road. Fine milling is such a method, and is predominantly used where bumps and wheel ruts, or slippery surfaces pose an acute danger to traffic safety.

The process is a modified form of cold milling, the only difference being that the cutting tools are spaced more closely on the milling drum. The technique is called fine milling when the line spacing decreases to 8 mm or less.

The fine milling drum has a tool spacing of 6x2 mm and is fitted with 672 point-attack tools.

The aim is to produce a defined new surface texture. Although fine milling drums cannot repair any damage rooted deep in the road structure, they can create a level, non-skid surface.

A single pass is all it takes - further steps, such as paving a new surface course, are normally not necessary.

Road rehabilitation
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