InLine Pave

“Hot on hot” paving with InLine Pave

InLine Pave is an innovative paving method - especially for “hot on hot” paving of compact asphalt pavements. Paving the binder and surface courses in just one pass ensures intensive meshing of the courses and allows roads to be rehabilitated for the long term - in top quality, in the shortest possible time and at low cost. But conventional construction methods, too, can be realized to a high standard of quality and very economically using InLine Pave® machine technology.

One tractor unit with three machines

In the InLine Pave process, all the machines work “in line”, so one immediately after another in a single line. The InLine Pave train comprises three machines:

  • an MT 3000-3i Offset material feeder which alternately paves binder and surface courses.
  • A SUPER 2100-3i IP binder course paver with an AB 600 TP2 Plus extending screed which achieves an extremely high degree of precompaction.
  • A SUPER 1800-3i with wider drive wheels, a water spray device and a heat-insulated extra material hopper for paving the surface course.

InLine Pave achieves excellent monolithic interlocking of binder and surface courses. At the same time, VÖGELE high compaction allows for a clear separation of the layers. The binder course is made thicker, whilst the surface course (at 2 to 3 cm thick) is paved thinner than usual.

Machine technology from series production

InLine Pave is based on the use of series-produced machinery modified for “hot on hot” paving. This allows construction companies to use each individual machine in the InLine Pave train for conventional construction projects as well. This significantly increases both the productive utilization of the contractor’s machine park and his return on investment (ROI).

VÖGELE technology is also beneficial for transport: the dimensions and weights of the machines are such that transporting them to the project site is purely a routine matter.

The advantages at a glance
  • Optimum interlocking of binder and surface courses
  • Perfect layer adhesion
  • Compaction values of over 98%
  • More even surface
  • A thinner surface course means reduced rut formation
  • Greater road durability
  • Use of conventional rollers
  • High capacity utilization through use of machines close to standard design
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SUPER 2100-3i IP

VÖGELE’s Special Class machine for paving compact asphalt pavements.

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