Routing operations

Cutting through rock with no explosion, no dust

Blasting is common when routing roads on bases of limestone, slate, granite or other rock. This causes vibrations, noise and dust.

Road builders are confronted not only with subsoils that are excessively soft or instable, but also with bases that are extremely hard – too hard for roads to be built to the specified level without preparing the ground first. This difficulty typically arises when a road is to be built in mountainous terrain or in other areas where the ground is rocky or extremely hard. When that is the case, routing operations need to be carried out first.

The routes cut through rock by the surface miner create the perfect subgrade for road paving courses.

Being gentle on the mountains

If blasting is prevented by nearby buildings, industrial plants or railway sidings, the routes are produced by cutting through the rock. This eco-friendly method extracts the rock without vibrations.

Even as the carbide cutters on the cutting drum continue to cut, the crushed stone is loaded onto trucks by a pivotable discharge belt. Due to the uniform grain size, it can be reused as filler without further processing. The road can now be paved without difficulty on the accurately profiled surface.

Short Construction Times
Protects the environment
Improves safety by avoiding drilling and blasting
Surface Miners

Surface Miners can mine raw materials such as coal, gypsum, salt, phosphate, bauxite or lime in open-cast mines. They mine commodities selectively, ensuring a high quality and optimum exploitation of the deposit. Surface Miners are also used to cut routes or lower tunnel floors. Centrally positioned underneath the machine, the cutting drum has a customized design to match all customer requirements.

WIRTGEN Surface Miner
Soil and rock construction
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