Hammtronic – perfect machine coordination for optimum compaction results

For earthworks or asphalt work, construction companies rely on achieving the most efficient use of machines possible in order to reduce their operating costs and achieve optimum compaction results. This is where the Hammtronic electronic machine management system comes in – it supports the operator in their day-to-day construction work in order to achieve optimum compaction without compromising on safety, cost-efficiency and fuel savings.

Hammtronic at a glance:

Hammtronic is an electronic machine management system that monitors and controls all key machine functions. The opportunities offered by Hammtronic include, for instance, automatic adjustment of the diesel engine speed to meet the power requirements of the individual drives (driving, vibration). What's more, Hammtronic controls start-up and braking and distributes the drive torque across the drum axle and/or rear wheels in accordance with real-time operating data (e.g. incline, driving speed, direction). Hammtronic also controls the hydrostatic vibration drive and the various steering programmes (for DV+ series only), guaranteeing even, smooth movement of both drums. All information that the driver may need is shown on the display in the driver's platform. Depending on the model and equipment, additional functions may be controlled by Hammtronic (e.g. edge pressing and cutting device, water sprinkling, tyre-inflation system, chip spreader).

Models with Hammtronic

The electronic machine management system is available for models in the HD+, DV+, H, 3000 and HP series.

The advantages of Hammtronic:

  • High traction and gradeability thanks to anti-slip control
  • Safe driving even on tough terrain
  • Prevents the drive from vibrating when the machine is at a standstill
  • Prevents engine overload, ensuring high operational reliability
  • Prevents operating errors via driver support
  • Reduces operating costs thanks to longer component service lives and lower service costs
  • Asphalt: Prevents bulge formation thanks to gentle acceleration and braking
  • Reduces noise emissions
  • Reduces diesel consumption by up to 30% by adjusting the speed to the current load conditions
  • High-quality, homogeneous compaction as the pre-set speed and frequency are continuously maintained
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