Three-point articulation – guarantees optimum driving comfort

Working on a range of construction sites in the earthworks and asphalt sectors requires rollers to have optimum driving and steering characteristics. To meet this need, HAMM has installed three-point articulation – a more sophisticated upgrade from conventional articulated joints – in all soil compactors and tandem rollers in the HD CompactLine, HD and HD+ series as standard.

Three-point articulation at a glance:

Three-point articulation is different to conventional joints due to its geometric arrangement and connection of the three individual joints and one additional connecting link between the two conventional upper joints. As the connector between the front and rear frame, the three-point articulation ensures optimum steering characteristics, driving comfort and safety while driving on difficult terrain.

The advantages of three-point articulation:

  • Comfortable driving, safe steering and high directional stability, even at high speeds (restoring force)
  • Optimum traction when negotiating curves thanks to even weight distribution
  • Low impact load for the driver thanks to cushioning that reduces the effect of uneven ground (connecting link reduces force)
  • Large steering angle, small turning circle
  • Asphalt: Prevents imprints (cutting marks) thanks to even weight distribution across the rear axle
  • Earthworks: Excellent safety and tilt stability on uneven ground as the pushing angle between the front and rear frame has been halved (connecting link)
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