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Connected Support – reliable service and support guarantees high machine utilisation rates

The maximisation of machine utilisation rates has a significant leverage effect on the profitability of your company. Two criteria must be kept in mind if you want to maintain highest machine utilisation rates.
Firstly, problems encountered in ongoing projects must be identified and resolved as quickly as possible. And, secondly, down times for maintenance can be scheduled to ensure as little disruption of your projects as possible. This in turn enables you to not only increase the productivity of your machines, but also guarantee optimal resale value.

We focus our attention on the development of solutions that enable our customers and partners to take a more proactive approach to their work. In doing so, we draw on transparent information about the machine status and offer the ability to plan servicing and maintenance work well in advance. And all this in conjunction with immediate and needs-oriented support from specialists from our sales and service organisation.

The John Deere Operations Center™:
is the control centre for equipment and maintenance management

The John Deere Operations Center™ can provide an overview of your machine fleet at any point in time and – when appropriately equipped – the respective working mode of each machine. The tracking of error messages and the saving of maintenance schedules help you to understand faults or malfunctions, proactively plan things that must be done and thus keep your machines in the best possible condition at all times. Maintenance and servicing intervals can be flexibly planned in advance and, in the event of problems, the precise location of the machine can be communicated directly to the service technician, all of which reduces machine down times to a minimum.

A soil stabilisation project with Wirtgen Group and John Deere machines at work. A virtual cloud illustrates the digital connections between the machines.

In addition, the documentation of working times and compliance with maintenance schedules offered by the application can be used as proof of appropriate care and maintenance of machines and thus contribute to resale value retention.

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WITOS FleetView

WITOS FleetView is an uncompromising solution that supports your activities in various different areas. Its intuitive user-interface enables you to quickly and easily obtain a clear overview of the current operational status of your fleet. Learn more about the wide range of options it offers.

Do you have any questions about WITOS FleetView?
You can find a list of frequently asked questions about WITOS FleetView here:

> WITOS FleetView FAQs

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WIDIAG – the WIRTGEN GROUP Service Diagnostics System

Precise diagnostics are essential for fast resolution of problems. This system serves as a man-machine interface for service technicians around the globe and significantly simplifies fault diagnostics. The system features standardised interfaces and is used by WIRTGEN GROUP service technicians for precisely targeted fast diagnostics. An efficient engine management system is integrated into the machine control system. With WIDIAG, service technicians can easily install software updates and rapidly diagnose machine faults or malfunctions.

A female mechanic working with a PC running WIDIAG in a workshop.

The efficient troubleshooting process brings you the benefits of minimised machine idle times. Simply connecting the laptop to the machine delivers an informative display of all detected machine data via the WIDIAG user interface. The internal error memory content of a machine can also be downloaded. The WIDIAG interface is installed as a standard feature of all WIRTGEN GROUP machines.

Expert Assist– the smart remote support solution from the WIRTGEN GROUP

We fulfil our service commitment through the provision of fast and uncomplicated support services. With Expert Assist, our smart telemaintenance solution, our experts are always at your side, even when they can’t be present at your location. We offer you real-time support for machine operating issues, troubleshooting faults and malfunctions or the exchange of spare parts, also in the case of complex technical problems. This saves you time and money and gets your machines back on the job as soon as possible.

The benefits of expert assist

  • Enables subsidiaries and dealers around the globe to access the expertise and specialised knowledge of our brand headquarters
  • Use of cutting-edge hardware for video conferencing with visual interaction
  • Uncomplicated troubleshooting and resolution of even the most complex technical issues
  • Ideal for providing application-relevant advice
  • Immediate support without lost time through travel
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