HC series: iF Design Award for the new HAMM compactors

Safe, efficient and equipped for the digital construction site – these are key features of the new HC series compactors from HAMM. From summer 2022, they will gradually replace the previous 3000 series and the H series. The models in the 18 to 25 t weight classes have already been awarded the world-renowned iF Design Award. For HAMM, this is their 38th design award in 25 years.

Design award in the automobile/vehicles category

The iF Design Award is one of the most important design prizes in the world. In the 2021 competition, the international, independent jury of experts evaluated almost 10,000 submissions from 52 countries. The 18–25 t compactors in the new HC series from HAMM were awarded the prize in the Automotive/Vehicles category.

A great product design promotes quality, safety and comfort

Well-designed construction machinery stands out, in particular, thanks to the fact that the operator can effortlessly understand all of the functions and operate the machine intuitively. This prevents operator errors. At the same time, the machine safety, efficiency and comfort all benefit from the design. "We are harmonising ergonomics, functionality and aesthetics, and providing our rollers with something that sets them apart – "HAMM DNA". For us, in addition to pure performance, ergonomics and simple operation are right at the top of the agenda," says Dr Axel Römer, Head of Research and Development at HAMM.

Modern appearance and many equipment variants

Straightforward, clearly structured and exceptionally dynamic, the HC series reinterprets the tried and tested style elements of the HAMM brand. The new shape of the engine hood stands out in particular here. With the HC series, HAMM is pursuing a platform strategy: The customers benefit from an extensive range of options and can adapt each roller to their individual requirements and areas of application. This also includes quite distinct options for the operator platform, from the open platform, through to the heated and air-conditioned cab. This means that the compactors can be used in all climate zones.

Comfortable operation

Another feature of the HC series is the logically designed operation. At the "Easy Drive" workstation, everything is language-neutral, clearly arranged and intuitively easy to operate. When compared to the predecessor models, the interior has been significantly enlarged. This means that there is a huge amount of freedom of movement in the driver's platform. The comfort seat offers a new rotation and movement concept; the steering column and driver's seat can be adjusted precisely. Furthermore, thanks to the material selection and the shaping, HAMM has significantly reduced the vibrations as well as the noise level in the cab. A comfortable heating and air-conditioning system keep the windows free of fog and contribute to the outstanding visibility. Storage compartments, ventilation and lighting round off the level of comfort offered by well-designed construction machinery.

Future-proof machine management

The award-winning compactors are powerfully motorised with 160 kW and, thanks to new approaches in the Hammtronic machine management achieve an impressive overall performance. As part of this, the integrated ECO mode supports operation in the economical partial-load range and reduces the need for cooling. This saves fuel and reduces the noise and exhaust gas emissions.

Design supports efficiency and sustainability

The design also supports the overall performance of the HC series, thanks to the newly designed front vehicle, for example: Thanks to the large clearance between the drum and the crossbeam, stops for cleaning the drum are a thing of the past, while productivity increases. Furthermore, during the design and when selecting the materials, HAMM also takes into consideration the conservation of resources and recycling at the end of their use. The extremely low-maintenance design fosters a long machine life.

38th design prize in 25 years

The iF Design Award for the HC series is the 38th design prize for the roller manufacturer HAMM. The overview shows a sample of the awards that HAMM previously received.

Equipped for the digital construction site

With modern hardware and interfaces, the compactors in the HC series are "digital ready" and are therefore ready for the applications, quality requirements and communication requirements of the construction sites of the future. Among other things, HAMM is using their own "Smart Doc" app in the HC series. It displays all of the key compaction parameters as well as the compaction progress on a mobile device, and logs the data. The modern, professionally designed visualisation immediately shows even inexperienced drivers which areas have been sufficiently compacted and which areas still require compaction. Furthermore, the compactors can communicate, even with digital applications from third parties, via a standardised interface.

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