WIRTGEN GROUP hands-on guides

Concentrated knowledge from research and job site operations

Our versatile hands-on guides offer interested readers comprehensive and straightforward practical assistance.

From our WIRTGEN, VÖGELE, HAMM and KLEEMANN product brands’ key technologies, to the many applications possible with our broad product range, to examples from job sites around the world – our application manuals are a useful tool for our customers in their daily work. Obtain answers to all your major questions about our technologies and learn all about materials science in our industry.

In the WIRTGEN GROUP’s hands-on guides, our experts not only teach you all of the important basics about our machines’ applications, but also provide helpful tips for your day-to-day work on the job site. Written in an easy-to-understand way, even interested laypeople can easily use our application guides to learn on their own and gradually expand their basic understanding of the topic into genuine expertise.

The WIRTGEN hands-on guide to cold milling

This application handbook for cold milling machines provides planners, operators, supervisors and anyone else interested in the subject with extensive insights into the world of cold milling machines and serves as a handy reference and guide for day-to-day operations thanks to the numerous case studies and application examples it contains.

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WIRTGEN’s hands-on guide to cold recycling

The cold recycling handbook discusses cold recycling methods and options, methods for analysing existing road structures and how to select suitable binding agents. In addition, the authors provide numerous practical tips on how to put the information contained in the guide into practice. WIRTGEN’s hands-on guide to cold recycling is a comprehensive compendium on all aspects of this cost-effective and environmentally friendly road rehabilitation method.

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WIRTGEN’s hands-on guide to the BSM laboratory

In this laboratory equipment handbook, you’ll learn everything you need to know about WIRTGEN’s three laboratory units: the WLB 10 S foamed bitumen laboratory system, the WLM 30 twin-shaft pugmill mixer and the WLV 1 laboratory compressor. This includes important information on rapidly producing mixes and determining the optimum type of binding agent.

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WIRTGEN’s hands-on guide to soil treatment

WIRTGEN’s handbook on soil treatment and base layers with hydraulic binding agents describes the various standards, guidelines and data sheets that play an important role in soil stabilisation. In addition, you will gain helpful insights into the application technology in order to optimise your use of soil stabilisers on the job site.

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WIRTGEN’s hands-on guide to concrete paving

In WIRTGEN’s handbook on concrete paving, you’ll learn all of the important aspects of inset and offset paving using slipform pavers. This handy guide provides detailed explanations and information on topics that range from construction site logistics to moulds to texture curing.

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WIRTGEN’s hands-on guide to surface miners

This surface mining handbook discusses the advantages of WIRTGEN’s surface mining technology compared to conventional methods and covers all of the major aspects, from cutting technology to material transport. Tools to help you plan the cost-effective use of surface miners and case studies from around the world covering all types of rock round out this versatile guide.

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VÖGELE’s hands-on guide to paving

Joseph VÖGELE AG’s hands-on guide to paving provides advice on the optimum configuration of your pavers and screeds, materials science data and answers to the most important questions around asphalt paving. The use cases from the field that cover all of the various interfaces, such as the screed or material transport, make the manual a useful tool for your day-to-day work at the job site.

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The hands-on guide from HAMM

HAMM’s hands-on guide to compaction in asphalt paving and soil construction explains the interrelationships from physics and soil mechanics as well as the machine technology used in our rollers. In addition, this practical guide provides information on the various layers in road construction and earthworks.

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The hands-on guide from KLEEMANN

KLEEMANN’s hands-on guide to mobile processing explains the basics of process engineering that are necessary to efficiently operate processing technology. From materials science to descriptive use cases to a detailed explanation of the different types of systems, this handbook offers you comprehensive assistance.

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