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We are VÖGELE – we stand for quality with no compromises

Founded in 1836, today we are market leaders, a company trusted by road construction companies all over the world. For good reason: the world of VÖGELE is a World of Quality – with no compromises. Our products are usually at the forefront of those international large-scale jobs which impose extreme demands on asphalt pavements.

Our customers use VÖGELE pavers, screeds and material feeders to build Formula 1-quality race tracks, to produce perfectly level runways for international airports and to complete motorway projects successfully. This applies just as much to building new roads as to rehabilitating and repairing them.

The benefits of our machines are also appreciated in routine jobs such as constructing urban streets or narrow paths. This is because wherever our technology is used, the same thing applies: with VÖGELE machines, paving teams get to play in the Premier League.

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VÖGELE products and developments define road construction

The paver sets the pace of any road construction project. The best roads in the world can only be constructed when this machine functions smoothly, delivers high quality and can be operated intuitively. These are our objectives at VÖGELE, with the widest product range of state-of-the-art pavers, screeds and material feeders on the market. The products range from Mini Class pavers to Highway Class machines and pave widths from 50 cm to the probably record-breaking 18 m which can be achieved by our new flagship SUPER 3000-3i using the SB 350 Fixed-Width Screed. As this diversity impressively demonstrates, we do not simply manufacture products; we develop solutions to get our customers ahead.

Range of products

We appreciate users just as much as decision-makers

When we say “customers”, we mean everyone who works with VÖGELE machines day in, day out. Customers are the focus of our unprecedented user-friendly and multiple award-winning product design. The ErgoPlus operating concept, in particular, has set new standards: it is intuitively operated, increases ergonomic comfort and is identically laid out for all the pavers in a product line (ErgoPlus 3 for Premium Line pavers and ErgoBasic for Classic Line pavers).

Machine technology

Our innovations are taking new routes

Our new technologies and products pursue a clear objective: to set new standards. There are several examples: with SprayJet technology, we have synchronized bitumen emulsion pre-spraying with asphalt paving. VÖGELE has also established a new method, InLine Pave, which is the machine technology for constructing compact asphalt pavements "hot on hot".

For many decades, we have been characterized by pulse-hydraulic high compaction technology which is what enables our electrically-heated screeds to achieve maximum precompaction values. We are also developing the future with WITOS Paving, our innovative process management solution for greater quality and efficiency in road construction.

Application technology

The world's most modern paver factory: our headquarters in Ludwigshafen

An important reason for the great innovative power of our staff and simultaneously for the reliability of our products is that they are developed and manufactured at our headquarters in Ludwigshafen – the world’s most modern production facility for pavers. This is where we lay the foundation for the extraordinarily high quality standards that are the hallmark of VÖGELE technology. Operating from this “home of innovation”, we earn the confidence and esteem of road construction businesses, paving teams and equipment leasing companies all over the world.

In our Centre for Training and Technology (or CTT for short), we offer continuous in-service training opportunities. We use seminars and training sessions to pass on our knowledge to users and have taken practical in-service training to a new level.


We don’t just keep going, we think ahead too!

VÖGELE is part of the WIRTGEN GROUP – and therefore a partner with an ever more process-oriented approach: construction companies make use of our products and services to equip themselves for the challenges of today and tomorrow ... and should an issue arise, they can also rely on an efficient, global service network which includes maximum parts availability and on-site support.

Customer Support

We give everything for our customers’ success – all over the world

The entire professional passion of VÖGELE staff is dedicated to paving asphalt and other mineral-based construction materials. We know more about asphalt than any other manufacturer. This specialization has led to an immense stock of experience which we are delighted to share with our customers. This is one of the key reasons why we have become the number one for road pavers and also explains why we are a highly sought-after adviser on all application-related questions.

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Maximum economy: VÖGELE technology means success

VÖGELE pavers and material feeders also set standards in economy through fuel efficiency, great ease of servicing, low operating costs and outstanding value retention.



  • We stand for quality “Made in Germany”.
  • We represent leading-edge technology.
  • We set standards.
  • We are one of the factors in success.
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Founded in 1836, today we are market leaders, a company trusted by road construction companies all over the world. Read more about the success story which is JOSEPH VÖGELE AG.

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