VC compactors – crush and compact stone in one operation

Working efficiently without compromising on environmental protection is an increasingly important factor on a number of construction sites. The VC compactors from HAMM deliver the best possible prerequisites for meeting these exacting requirements as they can perform two tasks in a single step with – crushing and compacting stone in one operation. With the H 25i VC (Tier 4/EU Stage V) and the 3625 HT VC (Tier 3), HAMM offers two models that are specifically designed for these demanding tasks. The "VC" in their type designation stands for "vibration crusher".

VC compactors at a glance:

The secret to the VC compactors' performance is the drum. It is equipped with 150 toolholders, which can easily be fitted with a variety of attachments thanks to a quick-change system. The selection includes padfoot drum inserts for compacting cohesive material, standard chisels for slightly abrasive mixed ground and heavy-duty chisels for hard stone and highly abrasive materials. To master even these tough tasks, the articulated joint, underbody and mounting bracket on both models has been reinforced. 30% more torque means that the machine can climb slopes greater than 60%. Both models are additionally equipped with the Hammtronic machine control system. To enable the VC compactors to be transported as easily as possible, special raceways have been fitted on the drums.

Potential areas of use:

  • Crushing and compacting mixed ground, basalt, granite or construction materials with similar compressive strength
  • Crushing broken concrete for recycling
  • Pre-crushing and relieving tension in stone
  • Preparing and maintaining access routes in quarries
  • Creating routes in tunnel construction and surface mining
  • Compacting cohesive ground with padfoot drum inserts
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The advantages of VC compactors:

  • One machine for a range of tasks: Road construction, dam building, laying foundations, mining, landfill work, tunnel construction
  • Easy operation
  • High flexibility thanks to toolholder system
  • Reduces the number of machines and transport journeys required
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • High crushing and compaction performance
  • Saves time and money
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