Screed telescoping system

The operating principle of all VÖGELE extending screeds is the single-tube telescoping system. Even at maximum extension, half of the three-part, generously-sized telescoping tube is clamped, ensuring optimum stabilization. As the telescoping system is arranged at a high level, this prevents any contact with paving mix.

The 3-point support in VÖGELE extending screeds means that torsional forces acting on the hydraulic extensions as a result of the pressure of the mix do not have a negative influence on the telescoping system. The point at which the telescoping tube is attached, the bearing for the telescoping tube and the torque restraint system all absorb the forces acting here, guaranteeing strain-free extension and retraction of the hydraulic extensions – without any kind of tilting or jamming.

Adjust pave width accurately

The 3-point support, an especially resilient part, combines with low-wear sliding bearings inside the telescoping tubes for gentle, smooth adjustment of pave width.