The right sensor for every application

From tight bends when building roundabouts to long straights on trunk roads – the requirements on sensors for grade and slope control can vary enormously depending on the job in question. VÖGELE has a comprehensive range of sensors for this, encompassing a variety of mechanical and sonic sensors as well as the Big MultiPlex Ski sensor system. As a result, the right sensor is available for every paving application.

The NIVELTRONIC Plus and Basic products for Automated Grade and Slope Control from VÖGELE are unique systems providing the basis for efficient paving true to line and level on any kind of base. The high degree of accuracy during paving is achieved by combining automated grade and slope control with various sensor systems.

Mechanical sensors

The key advantage of mechanical sensors is that they are not susceptible to external influences such as water, wind, sunlight, temperature fluctuations or air turbulence caused by passing traffic. An added bonus is that the point at which the reference is being scanned can be detected immediately. This makes it particularly easy to check whether the sensor is in stable contact with the reference. The point at which the reference is being scanned can accordingly be detected immediately.

Non-contacting acoustic sensors

VÖGELE supplies three different non-contacting acoustic sensor systems: the single-cell sonic sensor, the multi-cell sonic sensor and the Big MultiPlex Ski. The functional principle of all three acoustic sensors is identical: an acoustic signal is always emitted, reflected and received back.

Optical sensors

In contrast to acoustic sensors, optical sensor systems use laser beams instead of sound. The great advantage of optical sensors is that measurements cannot be falsified by external influences such as wind or fluctuations in air density. A further benefit is the extensive range of the laser beams, permitting distances of up to 200 m between transmitter and receiver.

3D machine control systems

The use of 3D machine control systems in earthworks is already common practice, but now road pavers, too, are increasingly being equipped with this technology. For its SUPER pavers, VÖGELE delivers the right solution to tackle every application.

Simple to connect

Connection to VÖGELE Niveltronic Plus and Niveltronic Basic Systems for Automated Grade and Slope Control is easy and follows the “plug & play” principle on the screed operator’s consoles. This is also where all grade and slope control settings are made. As the sensor technology comes from the same source as the machine technology, they are perfectly integrated.

Simple to set up

The new sensors make operators’ work easier. A setup tool provides information about the correct distance from the reference as soon as the System for Automated Grade and Slope Control is commissioned. The correct position has been reached when the two centre LEDs of the LED strip on the sensors come on.

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