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The WIRTGEN GROUP owes its strength to the product brands and their unique experience: WIRTGEN, VÖGELE, HAMM and KLEEMANN. In each of the specialist brands, our companies' employees have decisively contributed to the development and advancement of processes and machines in their respective core areas at each moment in time.

Our customers profit from the numerous synergistic effects and the brands' high level of innovation so that they always remain up-to-date with the latest technology.

Brands & Products
State-of-the-art machines and cutting-edge technologies for road construction and mining

WIRTGEN supplies a complete range of mobile machines and high-quality services for all areas of road construction and open-cast mining. More than 60 machine models in the large Road and Mineral Technologies ranges are produced using state-of-the-art technology at our headquarters in Windhagen.

With its innovative, high-performance and cost-efficient products and technologies for cold milling, soil stabilization, hot and cold recycling, concrete paving and surface mining, WIRTGEN leads the world market in road construction and repair, as well as in mining natural rock and pay minerals. We develop both the machines and the technologies.

WIRTGEN Products
Innovative solutions for paving asphalt and sub-base materials

Asphalt pavers have a long history featuring technical and technological innovations which were greatly influenced by VÖGELE – from the first paver with hydraulic drive and ultramodern high-compaction technology in screeds to a uniform, easy-to-learn concept for paver operation.

The pavers, screeds with multiple compaction methods, mobile feeders and various special-purpose machines from VÖGELE, the world market leader, make up a complete range of innovative machines for road construction. They are developed and built in the industry's largest, specialized factory in Ludwigshafen, Germany. The name VÖGELE stands for top quality in all products and services.

VÖGELE Products
First-class technology for soil and asphalt compaction

HAMM offers a wide range of products for all aspects of soil and road compaction, utilising leading machine and compaction technology. Along with the technical requirements, ergonomic design and simple operation are prime concerns. And thus, HAMM finds a perfect balance of technology and ergonomic design.

In 1911, Hans Hamm set a milestone when he designed and built the world's first motor-driven road roller. At its headquarters in Tirschenreuth, HAMM continues to set new standards, even today, as regards the design and ergonomics of its compactors, tandem and rubber-tyred rollers as well as compaction with oscillation.

HAMM Products
Plant technology for processing natural stone and recycling

KLEEMANN supplies a large range of jaw crushers, impact crushers and cone crushers, as well as screening plants for processing mineral raw materials and recycling construction materials. The mobile tracked machines are produced at the headquarters in Göppingen. The world's leading crushing and screening technologies are also continuously developed here.

KLEEMANN owes its outstanding position in Mineral Technologies and in the market for mobile machines to its great competence in process engineering. The mobile machines are characterized above all by painstakingly designed solutions which always embrace the complete process and maximize the benefit for the customer. Dependable machine availability means that customers can rely on their machines 24/7.


Our Product Lines

Cold milling machines
Wirtgen Cold Milling Machines stand for cost-effective removal of damaged road surfaces. Their applications range from the reclamation of complete road surfaces and partial repairs to the milling of troughs.
Recyclers and soil stabilizers
Wirtgen Cold Recyclers recycle damaged asphalt pavement on-site. Soil Stabilisers from Wirtgen transform soil with low load bearing capacity into a high-quality construction material on-site.
Slipform pavers
WIRTGEN Slipform Pavers construct heavy-duty roads and other traffic areas as well as monolithic profiles from concrete in a continuous process.
Surface Miner and Cross Application Miner
WIRTGEN Surface Miners mine, crush and load minerals in a single operation without the need for drilling or blasting. They can also be used for cutting routes or lowering tunnel floors.
Binding agent spreaders
STREUMASTER binding agent spreaders are the ideal solution for precise, high-performance spreading of binding agents, which play an essential role in soil stabilisation and cold recycling.
Road pavers
Road pavers from Vögele are characterised by their wide range of applications – from small inner-city construction projects in confined conditions to challenging large scale projects such as motorways. Vögele road pavers master every asphalt paving job.
Vögele screeds are the tools of road pavers, and perform the actual asphalt paving. The surfacing of large areas or paving with challenging materials are no problem at all for Vögele screeds.
Mobile feeders are deployed on large-scale construction sites to assure the uninterrupted flow of materials and economic efficiency. These ancillary vehicles transport asphalt from trucks to pavers via a belt conveyor. The cutting-edge technology of the PowerFeeders from VÖGELE ensures optimum productivity and cost-efficiency.
Soil Compactors
The HAMM product portfolio offers a selection of compactors ranging from compact machines to powerful, heavyweight soil compactors. Thanks to their enormous climbing ability and large slope angles, these compactors are ready to master even the toughest earthwork challenges.
Tandem rollers
With articulated and pivot-steered tandem rollers, HAMM offers a wide range of machines for all asphalt compaction requirements. The tandem rollers with vibrating or oscillating drums are equally suitable for use on confined urban construction sites and the particularly challenging construction of motor racing circuits.
Pneumatic tyre rollers
Pneumatic tyre rollers make the HP Series extremely versatile. The spectrum of applications ranges from soil stabilisation and landscape gardening to surface sealing in road construction. Thanks to the intelligent ballasting concept, the rubber tyre rollers ensure best compaction results.
Mobile jaw crushers
The mobile jaw crushers of the MOBICAT series are used for the pre-crushing of almost all types of natural stone and in recycling processes. The jaw crushers work on the principle of pressure crushing.
Mobile cone crushers
The mobile cone crushers of the MOBICONE series are used in medium-hard to hard and abrasive natural stone, as well as for raw materials processing in mining applications. The cone crushers deliver best cubic final grains.
Mobile impact crushers
The MOBIREX mobile impact crushers are used for crushing soft to medium-hard natural stone and in recycling processes. The stone is crushed so efficiently that the grain shape and grain size distribution fulfil all standards for concrete and asphalt aggregates.
Mobile screening plants
The MOBISCREEN mobile screening plants are used for the screening of almost all types of natural stone and in recycling processes. They are suitable for all situations in which high performance is essential and for the separation of materials that are difficult to screen.

Mobile stackers

MOBIBELT mobile stackers are used to optimise the efficiency of logistics processes on construction sites. Their flexibility extends the operating radius of crushing and screening plants – for larger stockpiles and better site logistics – and all this with the benefits of a simple operating concept.