Niveltronic Basic

Niveltronic Basic

VÖGELE has also developed the Niveltronic Basic System for Automated Grade and Slope Control to match the ErgoBasic operating concept. It is completely integrated in the machine control system and therefore perfectly adapted to the paver model concerned. Another outstanding aspect of Niveltronic Basic is its particularly simple and intuitive handling, a feature which makes it easy even for less experienced operators to use the system correctly. This creates ideal conditions for the Classic Line pavers to work true to line and level on any base.

A wide variety of sensor types is available for Niveltronic Basic, in keeping with the machine’s large and varied range of uses. The selection extends from mechanical sensors to non-contacting sonic sensors.

Each side of the screed is operated by a separate compact and highly robust Niveltronic Basic remote control unit. These control units cover all the functions required for high-precision grade and slope control.

The operator‘s Niveltronic Basic console
LED sighting
On/off switch
Sensor sensitivity
Sensor selection
Quick set-up
Setting specified value
Sensor calibration
Intuitive operation

This applies not only to Niveltronic Basic, but also to the entire ErgoBasic operating concept.