Success in road construction with SUPER 1880-3 L

Chinese contractor “hits the road running”

Shandong Hongyu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is revving up with machines from VÖGELE and HAMM.

Dongying | China

A company which only started paving asphalt in 2017, the continual support of a premium partner and a fleet of construction machinery which makes all the difference: this is the formula for the success enjoyed by Shandong Hongyu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. “We first started manufacturing and distributing asphalt back in 2000. I was very taken with the idea that we could build and rehabilitate roads ourselves,” says Li Limin, general manager of Shandong Hongyu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. “When selecting our machine technology, we opted for premium products from the WIRTGEN GROUP, swayed by the many recommendations we encountered.” This led Li Limin’s company to invest in 5 VÖGELE pavers and 6 HAMM tandem rollers, forming highly motivated paving teams to operate them.

A machine which hits the mark with universal application options: the SUPER 1880-3 L, which VÖGELE has tailored to the requirements of the Chinese market.

SUPER 1880-3 L takes on a new urban district

Although the job site worked by Shandong Hongyu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. only required “routine” work from the Universal Class paver, it still showcased the machine’s capabilities: the tracked paver laid a 0.5km-long street for a new urban district in Dongying, a city with a population of two million. Even on relatively small construction projects like this one, clients still demand the very best quality, with the result that these jobs need to be planned and executed every bit as meticulously as large-scale projects. The SUPER 1880-3 L and the AB 600 TV Extending Screed make the ideal combination for such jobs, paving asphalt to a high quality, right from the very first metre.

In Dongying, it was the great flexibility of the AB 600 TV Extending Screed that proved the greatest asset: featuring a sturdy telescoping tube, it can double its basic width from 3 to 6m, reaching the required pave width of 6m without the need for bolt-on extensions.

I am overjoyed that we are working with VÖGELE machines. They just do their job so reliably.

Sun Yuanlin, Deputy General Manager for Road Construction Equipment
Shandong Hongyu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Virtually no task too small, no challenge too great

The all-rounders in VÖGELE’s paver line-up – particularly the SUPER 1880-3 L (Premium Line) and the SUPER 1880 L (Classic Line) – need to cover a wide array of applications, starting with the construction of small roundabouts and extending to large motorway job sites, where high performance is what counts.

A glance at the performance figures bears this out: the maximum possible pave width is 10m, though the tractor unit is less than 6m long. The required energy is supplied by a powerful yet fuel-efficient diesel engine delivering 158kW.

ErgoPlus 3 also plays a key role in ensuring that paver operation is as efficient as it is ergonomic. The innovative, easy-to-understand ErgoPlus 3 operating concept creates a work environment with all the ergonomic and practical advantages a machine operator could possibly want – as the paving team from Shandong Hongyu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. discovered.

Our SUPER 1880-3 L has clocked up 1,600 operating hours without a single failure. That’s pretty phenomenal!

Han Debao, Paver Operator Shandong Hongyu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Highlights of the VÖGELE Universal Class SUPER 1880-3 L paver
  • Maximum pave width 10m
  • Laydown rate up to 1,000t/h
  • Maximum layer thickness 50cm
  • Robust and high-quality design
  • Powerful diesel engine rated at 158kW
  • VÖGELE EcoPlus low-emissions package
  • ErgoPlus 3, the ultimate paver operating concept
  • The right screed for every application: AB 600 Extending Screed, SB 300 Fixed-Width Screed and SB 300 HDT Fixed-Width Screed for roadbase applications
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Making cost efficiency fun

Han Debao, paver operator at Shandong Hongyu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., looks back on his seven years of experience with SUPER pavers, including the SUPER 2100-2, SUPER 2100-3 L and SUPER 800 models. “The machines are easy to operate. Once you’ve understood ErgoBasic and ErgoPlus 3, you can operate any VÖGELE paver. That’s a very important advantage.” What also greatly impresses Han is the sophisticated product quality of his SUPER paver: “I simply can’t knock it. What I like so much about VÖGELE is how they think about the everyday life of the users.”

Machines and service meet expectations

And that’s true not just of the VÖGELE machines, but also of the products from the entire WIRTGEN GROUP. Shandong Hongyu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is also thrilled with its HAMM rollers. “The HD and HD CompactLine series, of which we have a total of 6 tandem rollers in use, offers a winning combination of performance, efficiency and productivity – exactly what you would want as a construction machinery fleet manager,” said Sun Yuanlin, deputy general manager for road construction equipment. “And the quality is first class, of course, as is the service provided by the WIRTGEN GROUP in China.” So it stands to reason that Shandong Hongyu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is planning to acquire additional machines from the broad portfolio of the WIRTGEN GROUP.

Big MultiPlex Ski – “A real advance”

In Dongying, the paving team not only worked with the very latest machine technology, but also deployed innovative grade and slope control technology: the Big MultiPlex Ski, a system that uses three multi-cell sonic sensors to level even extended irregularities. This sensor system, combined with VÖGELE’s system for grade and slope control, has raised the bar once more. This is all thanks to the plug & play principle: once the aluminium ski has been mounted on the paver, the three sensors have been fitted on the ski and the cables have been connected, the system for automated grade and slope control independently detects the connected sensors – and is started up at the press of a button.

Up and running faster, easier to operate and unfailingly precise: the Big MultiPlex Ski from VÖGELE truly pays off – especially when speed and quality are of the essence.

Precision grade and slope control boosts cost-efficiency

Mastery of this art is guaranteed by VÖGELE’s systems for automated grade and slope control, be it the Niveltronic Plus system installed in Premium Line pavers such as the SUPER 1880-3 L or the Niveltronic Basic system installed in VÖGELE Classic Line pavers such as the SUPER 1880 L. Grade and slope control is, after all, a vital aspect, especially considering its impact on the cost-efficiency of construction projects. It ensures that the specified grade and slope are precisely met. This is where every surplus millimetre paved sends costs soaring, especially on large construction projects. When combined with the Big MultiPlex Ski, the VÖGELE systems for automated grade and slope control ensure maximum precision and – equally importantly – absolute operating safety.

Highlights of the Big MultiPlex Ski
  • Fast and easy installation
  • High degree of evenness
  • Large measuring range of up to 13m, which allows levelling of extended irregularities
  • Flexible application
  • Calculation of an average based on at least three and up to five multi-cell sonic sensors
  • The values recorded are processed directly by the ErgoPlus 3 screed console or the ErgoBasic remote control unit for the screed (no separate hardware required)
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AB 600

Extending screed

Compacting systems TV, TP1, TP2, TP2 Plus
Pave width 3.00 m - 9.50 m
Basic width 3 m