Split oscillation drum and VIO Compaction Meter

Renowned as a pioneer in efficient and intelligent oscillation compaction, HAMM continues to develop this technology. In 2019, the manufacturer presented two exciting innovations – a split oscillation drum and the VIO compaction meter for oscillation. Moreover, HAMM has further optimised the drive concept of the oscillation drums. This makes the next-generation oscillation drums completely maintenance-free.

In addition to the split vibration drums, HAMM now also offers split oscillation drums. They combine the advantages of oscillation with the added value of a split drum. Specifically, this means that oscillation enables these drums to deliver excellent results for compaction on bridges, of thin layers, in vibration-sensitive areas or at critical temperatures. Thanks to their split drums, they are ideally suited to challenging tasks such as compacting difficult-to-compact asphalts and curved sections.

Developed and patented by HAMM, this premium solution is the only one of its kind on the market. In the split oscillation drums, a separate, mechanically independent oscillation unit operates in each half. An integrated control mechanism adjusts the rotational speeds of both halves of the drum to match one another. The synchronisation is done electrohydraulically. Because the system reacts quickly and precisely, synchronous vibration in each of the two drum halves is guaranteed in any situation. This reduces the danger of cracks in or displacement of the asphalt, and is ultimately a great advantage in terms of quality.

World premiere: Compaction measurement for oscillation

HAMM expanded its range of modules for compaction measurement and documentation at bauma 2019 with the VIO Compaction Meter – a world début. As a result, HAMM is now the only manufacturer to offer the opportunity to measure compaction in oscillation mode. This means that HAMM rollers can document their passes in a traceable way, even for continuous dynamic compaction control applications with oscillation. The system is already available for the H 7i VIO and H 13i VIO compactors.