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Series H CompactLine

The extremely compact H CompactLine soil compactors offer extremely high gradeability of up to 60% and maximum ground clearance thanks to the drive provided by modern wheel motors. The three-point articulated swivel joint, combined with a very short wheelbase, ensure optimum driving and handling characteristics. The soil compactors in the H CompactLine are also very short, making them ideal for narrow construction sites and compaction work on rough terrain.

Series H

H series soil compactors are the high-performance professionals for modern earthwork with a high compaction force. The compactors really showcase their qualities off-road – the three-point articulated swivel joint and the large slope angle front and back make them extremely manoeuvrable whilst ensuring optimum driving stability. Modern motors with future-proof technology ensure extremely low emissions.

Series 3000

Soil compactors in the 3000 series greet drivers with a spacious cab or driver's platform and an inviting workspace. The compactors are extremely simple to operate and the visibility they offer is first class. During compaction work on the construction site, the soil compactors impress with high compaction power, a small turning circle and low noise emissions.

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