Integration of the WIRTGEN GROUP into John Deere

Even stronger with combined strengths: The products of John Deere and the WIRTGEN GROUP complement each other perfectly. The integration expands the overall range of services provided by the united company in the areas of construction machinery and road technologies, bringing it to a whole new level. The combined range of the two companies’ complementary products now offers an enormous selection of customer solutions.

The integration of the WIRTGEN GROUP into John Deere represents a unique opportunity to bring two global market leaders together, providing them with a truly unique position in the global market.
Stefan Wirtgen and Jürgen Wirtgen


An interview with owners Jürgen Wirtgen and Stefan Wirtgen about integration of the WIRTGEN GROUP into John Deere


Successful business performance

The WIRTGEN GROUP in figures. Read more about sales, volume of orders, development of employee numbers, machine production and annual sales.


Stable foundation for the future

Investments in the brand headquarters of WIRTGEN, VÖGELE, HAMM, KLEEMANN, BENNINGHOVEN and our cutting-edge production facilities around the world.


Advancing into the future with continuity

The Wirtgen brothers will be intensively involved in the transition process up through the end of 2017, at which time they’ll hand over the reins to the proven management team. As of 2018, this team will be responsible for leading the WIRTGEN GROUP in collaboration with the management teams of the brand headquarters and subsidiaries around the world, all under the leadership of Domenic Ruccolo of John Deere.


The roots run deep

For 180 years, John Deere has been committed to the core values of his founder whose name they bear. They are excited to join forces with the WIRTGEN GROUP and deepen the pursuit of integrity, quality, commitment and innovation.


Building the future together

WIRTGEN GROUP and John Deere

The optimal combination of the various product focuses of John Deere and the WIRTGEN GROUP is most notable when you take a look at the different applications, which quickly reveals the logic behind the integration. To put it more simply: In the future, customers will be able to find comprehensive solutions in excavation, road and mineral technologies, as the range now offers the appropriate equipment for every stage of construction.

Preparing the ground for construction requires extensive excavation. John Deere manufactures excavators, wheel loaders and dumpers for efficient excavation and removal of earth, while the WIRTGEN GROUP provides soil rollers for subsequent compression of the soil.

The two product ranges also form a consistent whole in the area of road technologies. Customers can use John Deere’s graders and caterpillars for leveling the earth and the WIRTGEN GROUP’s cold recyclers, soil stabilizers, asphalt and concrete pavers, rollers and road milling machines for preparing, producing and maintaining road surfaces.

Following the integration, the WIRTGEN GROUP’s crushers, screening systems, asphalt plants and surface miners will also complete the company’s overall mineral technologies portfolio, i.e., technologies used to extract useful minerals and prepare mineral resources and recycling materials.

This integration brings together what belongs together. Together with John Deere, the WIRTGEN GROUP will have a broader and more solid foundation for the future than ever before.

The WIRTGEN GROUP is an internationally operating group of companies in the construction machinery sector incorporating the traditional brands: WIRTGEN, VÖGELE, HAMM, KLEEMANN and BENNINGHOVEN. As technological leader, we can offer our customers mobile machine solutions for road construction and road rehabilitation, plants for mining and processing minerals or recycling material and for the production of asphalt.
Our ratios: In 2017 the WIRTGEN GROUP generated consolidated sales of 3 billion euros. Presently the WIRTGEN GROUP employs 8,200 people.