Charity group "Children in Need"

In 1983, Gisela Wirtgen - spouse to the company founder Reinhard Wirtgen, founded the "Children in Need" e.V. Charity group.

The trigger was the letter of a Philippinean priest who wrote that his school had burned down and that 270 pupils from extremely poor families could no longer attend classes. Gisela Wirtgen decided to travel to the Philippines to get a clear picture of the situation. That marked the birth of the "Children in Need" e.V. Charity group, the basic sentiment behind it being the desire to help children, adolescents and families in need.

This has developed into a non-profit organization supporting aid projects in the Philippines, India and Brazil. The basic principle is not to distribute alms, but to invest in long-term projects that promise a lasting improvement in the living conditions of the children and ideally their families as well.

An important pillar of this support program is formed by sponsorhips for individual children which are always integrated into local development projects and due to constant support help to secure these projects on a long-term basis. In this way, more than 2,500 godparents support children and adolescents in obtaining a good school education and vocational trainings. The charity group is supported by many volunteers.

The security that all donations will arrive on location in full is an essential factor for the success of the projects. Jürgen and Stefan Wirtgen assume all of the administrative costs of „Kinder in Not“ in Windhagen and financially support the foundation in its development of new aid projects.

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