Production close to the market

State-of-the-art manufacturing processes and sophisticated quality assurance systems are in place - not only in our German brand headquarters, but also in our local production facilities. A global strategy, sustainably implemented.

The WIRTGEN GROUP has local production facilities in Brazil, China and India so that each country's specific needs are covered by a local market-based production facility.

Products for Latin America

Is a member of the WIRTGEN GROUP based in Porto Alegre, Brazil, where it builds mixing plants for road construction in the whole of Latin America. The equipment is also exported to Africa. The company produces WIRTGEN road milling machines and HAMM compactors for the Latin American market, too.


Where made in China stands for quality

In Langfang, not far from the Chinese capital Beijing, the WIRTGEN GROUP has set up a base which accommodates not only an assembly plant, but also a sales and service center complete with workshop and spare parts store. The local production program includes a selection of WIRTGEN cold milling machines, VÖGELE pavers and HAMM rollers. The proportion of parts and assemblies purchased locally is increasing steadily and the quality standards applied are as strict as those at the brand headquarters in Germany.


Technologies for India

The WIRTGEN GROUP’s Indian subsidiary is located near the industrial center Pune in India’s northwest. The new sales and service center includes a final assembly hall, a workshop, a blasting plant, a paint shop and a spare parts store. Specially developed by HAMM for the Indian market, the compactor model 311 has been produced there under licence since 2011. A new chain of local suppliers has been established in Pune to assure the supply of high-quality components for production. KLEEMANN screens have also been produced here since 2015.