Paving operation under Sweden’s midnight sun.

The E4 is Sweden’s longest national road, stretching some 1,600 km from Helsingborg in the south to just short of the Arctic Circle in the north. As the road is extensively used by heavy traffic, severe cracks and wheel ruts were the inevitable results. To eliminate these damages permanently, the surface course was milled off at full depth. On a 22 km long stretch of road between the towns of Luleå and Tornio, a 2 cm thin pavement layer was then to be paved in hot application across the full carriageway width.

A Super 1800-2 paver with integrated SprayJet module from Vögele was used for carrying out the paving operation. As the Super 1800-2 has a maximum working width of 5 m when fitted with the SprayJet module, and the section of road to be repaired was 13 m wide with three traffic lanes, the thin asphalt layer was paved on top of the milled surface in three strips of just under 4.50 m each. That left the paving gang sufficient margin for producing tapers and for widening the strips in crossroads and exit areas. Emulsion was sprayed across the entire area in front of the paving screed even in those sections where the paver needed to work at variable paving widths.

Some 13,000 tons of mix and 300 tons of emulsion were used altogether. The emulsion was made up of approx. 65% of bitumen and 35% of water with a small percentage of latex, and was sprayed at a rate of approx. 1 kg/m². The paving gang had finished the first 8 km of road across the full carriageway width in just 5 days, so that the entire project was easily completed on time.

Job site: National road E 4, Sweden