Operation “Clean job site”

Close to the town of Halden in the southeast of Norway, the “Rijksweg” RW 22 runs along the coastline right up to the Swedish border. A 5-km section of the country road was rehabilitated over the full road width of 7 m. The construction gang faced two main challenges: for one, the operation needed to be carried out without closing the section of the two-lane road to traffic, and secondly, the carriageway was not to be soiled with the tack coat to be applied. It was just the right job for the Super 1800-2 paver from Vögele equipped with the SprayJet module.

The Super 1800-2 paver placed a surface course of asphalt concrete. Even though the layer thickness of 4.5 cm exceeded that of thin layers in the conventional sense, it was produced using the same paving method. In order to obtain a firm bond with the binder course, a tack coat was applied in very small quantities of merely 0.2 to 0.3 kg/m². The thin film was not to be damaged – yet another good reason for using the Super 1800-2 with SprayJet module. The paver’s spray bars are arranged so that they are not touched by the crawler tracks.

Spraying of the emulsion and paving of the asphalt concrete were carried out in immediate succession, preventing site vehicles from coming into contact with, or damaging, the freshly sprayed tack coat. “The SprayJet fully adheres to the specified emulsion quantities, whatever the paving speed,” says the Operations Manager, satisfied with the results.

Applying oscillation and static compaction, a DV 90 VO from Hamm compacted the asphalt to maximum density. Excellent evenness was ensured in a final roller pass by a HW 90 static three-wheeled roller.

Job site: RW 22 country road near Halden, Norway
Project length: 5 km
Project width: 7 m
Width: 3.50 m
Layer thickness: 4.5 cm
Paving material: asphalt concrete