W 2000 leads fairytale lovers to Hamelin.

The federal road B83 forms part of the “Deutsche Märchenstraße” (German fairytale route), one of Germany’s oldest and most well-known tourist routes. On the stretch between Hamelin and Hehlen, however, car drivers were given hardly any chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery it has to offer. The pavement showed extensive rutting on both traffic lanes, which posed a great danger to traffic safety and claimed the full attention of road users travelling on that stretch of road.

The damaged asphalt surface course was in dire need of rehabilitation, if it was to withstand the heavy traffic loads in the years to come. Economical reasons called for an alternative to cost-intensive full rehabilitation measures, so that it was eventually decided to rehabilitate the existing surface course by overlaying the existing pavement with a thin layer in cold application.

In a first operation, a W 2000 cold milling machine from Wirtgen fitted with fine milling drum removed wheel ruts and other surface damages on the 3 km long section of road. The milled material was loaded on trucks during the milling operation, in one and the same pass. In just two days, the machine produced an even surface with a slightly roughened texture, which is vital for ensuring an optimum bond between layers. Traffic moved along smoothly on the fine-milled pavement all the time. Once the milling operation had been completed, a thin layer was paved on top of the fine-milled surface in cold application.

The combined operation of fine milling and paving a thin layer in cold application enabled a total area of just under 23,000 m² of damaged asphalt pavement to be rehabilitated quickly, economically and in a sustained manner.

Job site: Federal road B83, Hamelin, Germany