Express rehabilitation keeps Tokyo going.

One might almost be tempted to declare a state of emergency on Tokyo’s main traffic arteries when the town’s 23 million inhabitants are streaming to their workplaces. The flow of traffic is additionally hindered by narrow streets and lack of car parks. Not even the many motorways – quite a number of them built on several levels – succeed in bringing noticeable relief.

Explaining the method to interested inhabitants

Explaining the method to interested inhabitants

Rehabilitation measures are an obstacle, therefore, which may easily lead to a traffic gridlock. Road closures of several weeks are out of the question, and even the most essential road repairs need to be carried out during the night. It is no wonder, therefore, that a particularly fast rehabilitation method is gaining ground quickly – fine milling.

Wirtgen cold milling machines equipped with fine milling drums give the pavement new grip while eliminating minor irregularities – over night and with hardly any disruptions to traffic. People in Tokyo were so thrilled that they even founded a fine milling association with the aim of promoting this rehabilitation method. On the job site shown here, the association is explaining the method to interested inhabitants.

Job site: Tokyo, Japan
Project size: 1,632 m
Milling depth: 50 mm