Transporting the old road to the cold recycling mixing plant

A mobile cold recycling mixing plant is normally installed near the job site for "in plant" cold recycling. Trucks transport the reclaimed asphalt pavement directly from the site to the mixing plant. It essentially does exactly the same as the cold recycler in an "in situ" process: the reclaimed asphalt is recycled 100% by adding one or more binders. Trucks then transport the cold recycled mix back to the job site.

Road pavers places the recycled mix

Road pavers use the cold recycled material to replace the old pavement of the road with two new layers. A new surface course meeting all the requirements placed on the surface of the recycled road is placed on top of the cold recycled base layer. The cold recycled base layer is ideally suited for compaction by heavy vibratory rollers. Final compaction of the surface course is similar to that of other construction methods, using oscillation rollers.

Recycling mix for stockpiling

The cold mix need not be replaced immediately if it is mixed with foamed bitumen in the mobile cold recycling mixing plant. Such mixes can be "stockpiled" for longer periods of time. As a result, the mix need not stem from the same job site as that on which it is subsequently reused.

Re-mix aggregate fractions

“In-plant” cold recycling is mostly used for smaller contracts where setting up and supplying a recycling train with water and binding agents would be less economically efficient. There is, however, an additional argument speaking in favour of transporting the milled material from site: When access to the job site is difficult from a logistical point of view, it is much easier to recycle the milled material separately in a cold recycling mixing plant.